White Zombie - Welcome To Planet M.F.

Music video by White Zombie performing Welcome To Planet M.F.. (C) 1992 Geffen Records

White Zombie - Welcome To Planet M.F. Смотреть онлайн
kaitlyn zuniga
not  a white zombie song unless there's some kind of moaning in it
Granjero Urbano
You just can't find good shit like this one anymore around
Gary King
Damn, I miss this whole band, Come back!!!!!!!!
In my opinion best album he ever made
Dirk Riley
Yea this old shit , was the Best !! seen them open for Pantera back in the day in Chicago Rivera theatre. ..was one of my top 3 shows seen, Ever !!!
Brahmamine Swankenstein
that moment you realize Rob zombie used to rap
Cheetah Thunders.
white zombie>Rob's solo career. Although "dragula" is one of the great heavy singles ever.
LOL love that a interview Rob did about 15 years ago the interviewer asked him if he would sing this song (or any of the non main WZ songs) again in concert and his answer was priceless. "I couldn't if I tried, I have no BEEP idea what the words are anymore!" That had to be some seriously good drugs and drunken times
Karl Smith
I saw these these guys in concert, and I kicked butt down in the pit.
Mark Kempfer
i'd like to nail the bassist!!!!
Robby Franks
this is the first song that introduced me to metal... i was 7-8 years old... 29 now
Does not Matter
listening on Christmas 2015 @ 1:03a.m. (yeh. waiting for santa claus mf'ers.) WELCOME TO PLANET MF!
I was fortunate enough to see this band twice.
Memories from my youth brought me here.
Jay Yuenger is a riff god.
Sean Yseult = gawjuss
Jamie Richardsom
I want to go back to those carefree 90s days...
I still have my t-shirt from this tour! It's falling apart, but I'll NEVER get rid of it!
steve rodriguez
Ah the 90's
Wenxing Wang
Sean Yseult, what a beautiful sexy blonde beast bassist!