Rob Zombie - American Witch

Music video by Rob Zombie performing American Witch. (C) 2006 Geffen Records

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Dani spitalari
i love his crazy horror twisted songs / movies lol
Liz Cuero
Imagine Rob Zombie as your lawyer.....That would be so cool!
The Gaming Paladin
Rob Zombie is the American Witch, we've all become slaves to his awesome music the second we heard him. XD
Amber Wriker
I wanted to marry him when I was in high school
Nevada Campbell
John 5 done a great career move by switching to Rob because while with Manson you really didn't see his talents shine like with Rob who also seems like a good friend unlike he was with Manson! He has been with Rob longer than he was with Manson hasn't he?? Also, can anyone tell me when Ginger Fish was in the band? Ironically, he was pissed about Ozzy, but he seems happier with this line up! 
hom tanks
if this track was named sweedish witch instead of american witch, the chorus would say : I-KEA I-KEA xD
I am loving Rob Zombie's Edgar Allen Poe shirt.. I own the same shirt. Must be a goth thing.. ;)
michael mcnally
saw him live!!! so much stage presence!! probs best musician ive seen live!!! what a badass mofo
I heard this song on ncis and i love it 😍😍 ( i'm french)
Neo Cortex
Legend. Worship it before it will be gone forever, as sooo many others....
Mutra The Mutration
After listening to this, I think of Dragula and wonder, "Is it really the same person?"
Steve odonoghue
Four bands i'd love to see live on the same bill. White zombie, slipknot, slayer & buck cherry. That would be an Awesome gig right there!
Thomas Mayhem
Seeing a Moron 5 commercial before seeing this video????
The mark of the wolf and the son of the cat #dogman
Bloodmoon Alpha
0:25 that guy looks like the Undertaker for some reason LOL
The Big Man
This looks lit as hell
Admiral Nimitz
i must confess i was there at livestock when this was recorded @ 2:17
Doreen Reineking
Just seen him last weekend at ROCK USA Oshkosh WI....AWESOME!
Omar Briones
I wonder whether the boobs really need to be blurred out.
David J
"... the American TITS!!" XD