Rob Zombie - Spookshow Baby

Music video by Rob Zombie performing Spookshow Baby. (C) 2003 Geffen Records

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Husky Productions
as a child I would listen to this and I thought he said "SMOOCH YO BABY" haha
Junior Day
Could someome try to explain why music from the 1900's/early 2000s is much more appealing than 2010 +? It seems this style of music just died out x(
Jon Baird
Ladies love Rob Zombie because it's metal that you can still shake your ass to. LOVE IT
Sheri Moon Zombie is one of the hottest chicks EVER!
hellbilly deluxe is still his best album to date, i have a hard time listening to his newer stuff can't get into it like this album.
Purnell Charles
She's a killaaa, shes a thrillaaa.......smooch yo baby!
Nostalgic Storm Wave Storm Wave.
Rob, when are you going to make a film where Sheri is dressed in that outfit? I'd love some crazy Nazi/Zombie film lol.
Time to get the black leather and whip LOL
Jeff Allen
best song to get a lap dance to ever
Still is and will always be my fave song by Rob Zombie
Panda Paws
This song is so under-rated and overlooked. 😒
sef t
orhan gencebay akma gözlerimden :d
Hex Moon
Incase you don't know, 666 is the Kabbalistic square of the Sun.
daddy meme
This video needs an epilepsy warning.
Manson wouldnt exist without Rob zombie
White Trash Barbie
I love Sheri!!!
Music will never be this badass
zafer isik
orhan gencebay akma gözlerimden parçası lan bu
Shoot the cinematographer.
Russell Nasheim
Don't forget slipknot in the back enjoying the bdsm