White Zombie - Black Sunshine ft. Iggy Pop

Music video by White Zombie performing Black Sunshine. (C) 1992 Geffen Records

White Zombie - Black Sunshine ft. Iggy Pop Смотреть онлайн
Personally I like White Zombie much better than Rob solo.
Claudia Cutino
That bass line fucking slays, man. \m/
My brother-in-law says every speeding ticket he got happened while listening to W.Z.

I completely understand.
Dave H
This is what happens when Rastafarians go horror metal.
Richard Ruy
Bass makes the band. She KILLS IT!
Original Satan
Rob is a Metal version of a hippie....Metal for life!!!!
Zodiac MacCarthaigh
We need a beer named "Black Sunshine"
Hat Thomas
How many songs has he written about cars? Thunderkiss '65, Black Sunshine, Dragula....
Ben svt focus
this song wants me to drive a mustang stupid fast
Caravan Chanel
I'm 13 and this is literally my favourite song
Guitar Hero 3 !!
Phlem Phlam
Wow. 1992. It seems like yesterday while a freshman in highschool smoking cigarettes in the parking lot listening to this in my shitty truck with an even shittier sound system. Wouldn't trade it for the world. How time flies.
The house in this video reminds me, of Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene movie..
Antarctic Vortex
I remember pausing the shit out of this on my VCR trying to figure out if Sean was hot or not. lol
Misty Bell
Luv this song .... I blast this in my Mustang everyday
Chris White
Someone needs to post an orgy on youtube with nothing but White/Rob Zombie songs cranking with the orgy sounds also..!
Tim Jones
Did you know he used to do the art for Pee-wee's Playhouse
No matter how many horror movies he makes or how Satanic he tries to make himself I will always think of Rob Zombie in this light. Black Sunshine. Great song.
J Smith
The rhythm in this song has a very Mercyful Fate vibe! \m/