Rob Zombie - Lords Of Salem

Music video by Rob Zombie performing Lords Of Salem. (C) 2006 Geffen Records

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The Gaming Paladin
sadly, there really wasnt any witchcraft going on in salem, just superstition, lies and the spilling of innocent blood, very dark truth of america's colonial days.
I wish the movie was based off of this
By Default
Can we just appreciate how badass that one guy with the sewn up mask looks?
animated rob zombie reminds me of murdoc from gorillaz
Joshua Baratheon
Why hasn't Rob Zombie made an animated series yet? He should do one with Netflix.
Why wasn't the movie like this...
Jeydyn Bruce
can we just stop fussing and appreciate the work that Rob Zombie not only put into this awesome song, but the work he put into the art and producing the video.
Pineapple Farmer
Lords of Salami
I speak the truth,
I dare not tell a lie,
One child is in fits,
The other child dies,
Now the yellow bird sits upon her finger,
The yellow bird a specter lost to linger,

God Hates - The Lords of Salem,
No can ever save them,
God Hates - The Lords of Salem,
No one can destroy them,

Do you think they suffered,
Up on Gallows Hill?
Burn me and hang me,
And I always will,
Tumble like a swine,
A victim of the fury,
Glory to the saint,
Before you start to bury,
The so-called "Lords of Salem" appear hunting not scapegoats but ACTUAL witches and STILL manage to look more evil than their quarry.
Suzanne McCloud
I love Rob's mind, and his love of Gore & Supernatural creatures is freaking GREAT!
330 people are obviously witches who are on the run from the Lords of Salem.
Ryan Frizzell
Such is the price for defying Sigmar, witch.
Are the lords of Salem the guys killing the monsters or are the lords of Salem the monsters that they are killing?
Master Z
The animation alone gave me flashbacks
God can hate them, thats fine.
What has god ever done for us humans, sat back while our fellow man were bewitched by these harlots of shadow!
Humanity is on its own, god isnt here, the devil isnt here, only man remains and endures through the ages
No stopping the Lawful Evil Alignment.  ;)
sandro ilpelato
Is it just me or the witch hunters look a little like the KKK ?
The lords of salem are badass, mere humans slaying and killing supernatural entities...thats something else
Spooky Blue
This is the coolest animation ever. Cool story too. 10/10 would watch again.