Trace Adkins - Still A Soldier [Official Video]

"he'll stand when he hears the anthem" wish we all still thought that way . ill always stand and so should you
tammy keith
This got me all teary eyed. I'm so tired of the disrespect for our flag, country, veterans, and current military. I had many family members serve and many did tours. I currently have a nephew that's getting sent to Syria. God bless all of you
I myself am wheelchair bound, but I still am able to put my hand over my heart.
"And if they called and needed him back, he'd be on that plane."

Damn straight... may be a little slower, not quite as nimble, but thousands and thousands of us would be there if the need arises.

Thank you brother!
Gabriel Vazquez
To all who served before, to all who serve today, and to those who will serve tomorrow, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.
Oorah!!! To those who did not come home upright, Semper Fi !!!!
Bethany Scott
Please tell me I'm not the only one this video made me start to cry. This is something I feel allot of people have forgotten the meaning of and respect that isn't shown when it always should.
Tammi Griffin
What one Moron could have given this a Thumbs down?! Trace Adkins a true Patriot, Love the song, love the video...
Dale's Creations
I'll never kneel during the Anthem.
Brytanie McKay
As a Veteran of 12 years in the USAF, that salute at the end got me! They may of taken my uniform from me but they can never take my Patriotism! I joined for the right reasons! I wanted to serve my country and I did selflessly. I was wrongfully discharged and it hurts more than anything because I really do feel I bleed Red, White and Blue!! God Bless the USA!
Thank you Trace for another amazing song!
tanneja hutto
Thank you for supporting our troops. I love how your songs are filled with such passion and love Thank you from East Texas
Eaglesfan 25
If I could like this multiple times, there’d be about 2 billion likes for this video. #ThankVets
Damon G
No one ever relieves us of our oath, they just relieve of us of active duty.
Auston Johnson
I’m 18 and I’m graduating next year and thinking about enlisting in the navy
Alex Laatsch
Amen to all how served, and a hallelujah to all those who came home.
Robust Enigma
That moment when you find out your cousin Brian and uncle Bob are in a music video.
Good going fam. :D
Ty for your service my dude.
Los Critics Supreme
Funny thing is my cousin and I are pushing 34, we're both vets I've deployed to Iraq, we decided rejoining the military would be on our New years resolution list lol.....maybe they'll take us back after we drop a few pounds 😂
Garrett Jurgens
absolutely the most beautiful song I've heard in awhile. I can't wait to join the Marines. God bless
robin zatulovski
Stand up for the anthem Damn right
Monty Leverett
To all who have served, and serve today, don't listen to the hate on the news, MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS stand and salute you, we thank you, we pray for you, we love you!
sarah sarah
my grandpa, dad and husband are all soldiers and i can't be more proud of them. beautiful song great lyrics i love it so much 💟