Trace Adkins - Swing

The lead single off Adkin's 2006 album "Dangerous Man" was directed by Michael Salomon.

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lil_ mama_56
They need to play this song at real baseball games
Steve Zero
only trace adkins could walk away from sprinklers and make it as cool as walking away from an explosion.
Toni Shinn
he's one hot cowboy... can't go wrong with those muscles and long hair too??.. I'm not a country music lover but trace is the one exception...yummy 💋
Dylan Webber
The song basically means no matter how many times you try it doesn't hurt to step up and try etc if you know what I mean
i was looking for swing music :l i think im in the wrong place
The country Boys
Country boys always win, words of wisdom
This is one of his best songs. I like all of his music, but this one is catchy, and funny.
If you haven't seen his video Brown Chicken, Brown Cow, look it up on YouTube.
Kathryn Poole
Ya'll ever noticed they won't film Trace below the waist when he's dancing( Just like they did to Elvis ) except in his first video. I've figured it out... there would be women melting in a puddle where they stood. ( and I'd be leading the pack ! )
Kathryn Wilson
1 of my favorite parts in this is: always wanted to be a doctor... way too much work
Tom's out who's next!
my 2nd favorite is the dude making out with himself. Just hilarious and awesome song. I used to listen to this song on repeat for about 50 or more times growing up.
This music is why country is awesome, no matter what people say about it!
Nola Raines
I play this tune, cause it makes me grin! & of course he is one tall drink of hunk!
John Corelli
Elizabeth Reyes
just love his crazy ass music I would love to go to his consert some day I bet ya it get insane ♡
Reid Samuelson
It's actually about pathetic attempts at hooking up with a girl lol
Triksnip Gaming
who strikes out 9/10 times
Jonnie-Lee Nolan
This video is awesome..... especially when he is dancing...
zhi shangdi
ah you people have no idea how nice it is to find a video where some one is not bad mouthing the people who worked hard for where they are and the jobs they have.
Cody Ogden
i strike out 99 times out of 100
Canadian Shinx Eh
So wait, I can get to first base just by going to harvard? Might need to re-evaluate my life
Tina Jones
I'm not sure why, but staring at Trace Adkins always makes my world a more beautiful place. ;) (Thanks for posting this video)