Trace Adkins - (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing

"(This Aint) No Thinkin Thing" was directed by Michael Merriman.

Trace Adkins - (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing Смотреть онлайн
Back in the day CMT played music videos like this all the time. They have strayed away from their roots. I miss the 90's!
Steven Michael
What ever happened to cowboy hats in country music??
Marvin Swiger
I'd rather listen to music like this than to hear that other filthy trashy music. Morals have went out the window.
Elder Rusty
i have succesfuly watched this video 424,236 times :D
Debi F.
I want a man that can move like that!!!
Deannakay James
trace is got it going on this man is Hot. love him
Elly U
Anyone else cant stop watching his dancing? opps.. lol that little swing of dem hips thou.. lol
Mary Carter
loves those moves Trace! awesome man and music! FAV!!!
Noelle Connor
Good song, and Trace sings it so well.  He's also a handsome guy.
Darrell May
That's a Man Ladies!!!
Jerry Asbury
Haven't heard this song in years, then I'm traveling with my grandma, she's got a country mix CD with this song on it, so here I am watching this video lol.
Just another Artillery Guy
That steel guitar though. 😁
Jeremy Prunty
I remember being little and all I could remember is right brain left brain :)
Alternate lyrics:
This ain't no stinkin' thing
Right pit, left pit
It goes a little deeper than that
You got Speed Stick, Right Guard
Degree antiperspirant...

Well, that's as far as I ever got.
Julia Shields
Where did you learn those moves!?!?
Moonlight Lumina WasteDead
I like this song, it's so weird to me because I usually hear Pop, Metal & Deathcore o,o
MaryAnn Taylor
Love u Trace! This sounds even better live!
wish my girlfriend moved like this . Trace Adkins is a good dancer
Julia Shields
Just one of the best videos EVER made!! Thanks Trace!!
Elaine Chambers
Love Trace Adkins!!!!!!