Trace Adkins - Songs About Me

"Songs About Me" was the lead single for Trace Adkin's album of the same name. Video Directed by Michael Salomon.

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Noel Sturrup
I am a black guy from the Bahamas who went to university in south where I fell in love with country music. Friends wrinkle their faces all the time when I start singing a 90s hit. This song came out and finally explained why I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! #ThankYouTrace
Matthew Löfvendahl
Back when country music was enjoyable... I sure miss those days...
Misael Jager
"he spoted my guitar case, said what do you do"? oh i'm an assasin carrying a rifle on a plane.
I used to hate country music with a passion, then one day it just went away, now I love country music
Leonidas Dacul Stanescu
Trace Adkins is definitely my fav country music artist. But why he carries a guitar if he doesn't show up on the stage playing it? (am talking about this particular video clip)
buck lau
How does this only have 2k likes???
Pam Knowles
🎼🎸🎤🎼❤Trace Adkins! They are songs about YOU!!
Allen Gatchell
love Trace Adkins
Outside my house there is a paved road and I live in the country. Ain't that a miracle.
Beau Butler
I like how he says he's singing songs about himself and he has a song call marry for money
Countrycowgirl S
The seductive Voice i never get tired of hearing.................
robin rhodes
I just got back into country & it's better than ever! AWESOME music!
the hulk is in the music video!!!
guy smithson
great song. saw him at chumash in santa ynez ca last year, great show and got to meet him. I'm 6'4" and I felt small talking to him. He's a big guy  lol
Brian Hammond
Songs about me too Trace
Hayden Martini
I'm one fan of Trace Adkins all songs
Scott Adkins
Trace is the real deal all the way around. He prodigiously supports Wounded Warriors, and before he hit the big time, he worked as rough neck on an oil platform. Everytime I've seen him interviewed, he just comes across as genuine and down to earth. And, most of all, this man CAN play and sing.

/s/Scott Adkins
Hayden Martini
I'm love courny songs
cap lord
43 people have never lived
Hayden Martini
My favorite singer from courtny