Trace Adkins - Chrome

The music video for "Chrome" was directed by Michael Salomon.

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Noah Doty
hot rods and harleys ohh ya
Justin Lai
If you hear the word "chrome" and a browser doesn't come to mind, you might be a redneck.
Kaitlynn Ropp
My favorite color is chrome !!! ♥♡♥♡
Jim Getten
California Chrome! #kentuckyderby  winner!
larry larke
chrome is a great song.
Who's still banging this in the truck in 2016?
C Ireland
My favorite song
Fisher Kestrel
City people like black and yellow country people like chrome
Christa J. Ahearn
Trace is the maN
Javen Reid
city slicker but good ass song and singer
Ryryduke 04
love it
krastyo krastev
gotina pesen
One of the few times you hear a talk box in country music.
Jeff courtois
you go
larry larke
Trace Adkins,chrome.
Is this the same lady that was in his Hot Mama video? :)
Dezi Hyde
+Robbie Alexander  OMG.. Memories..
Chrome don`t get you home...
christian doodles
the girl doesnt go with the song +nigahiga  would work better
Cannon Palmer
What the heck is crome