Trace Adkins - Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone

The music video "Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone" was directed by Michael Merriman, and filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Trace Adkins - Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone Смотреть онлайн
Brian Hammond
This is his best song my opinion.
Erlinda Mendez
Still listening it's 2017 and always will love it 😍 🎶🎸💘
outlaw 4640
Another classic. Unfortunately they don't make them like this anymore. :(
Ashley Mulford
This has been one of my favorite TA songs!  Love that voice!
Allison Mylastname
He has such range. Who would think that deep bass voice could go so high.
Melanie Lucas
This is a great song. One of my favorites by him.
Paul Sweet
song written by my cousin Jody Sweet!  Great Song!
Steve Murphy
Trace Adkins is fantastic
Debbie Moyer
Love this song so much
Brenda Rogers
Love Trace Adkins music he's a real man not something I see often. Not to many real men left.
Jennifer Dijames
GO Trace.I love that song.
Stachia Thurmond
Getting closer to seeing this VERY SEXY HANDSOME MAN ! Hope I'm close enough to really see his Beautiful face.
Dave Wollenberg
Born Tracy Adkins. ACC's #84 song of the '98 survey year.
Terrie Forneri
🙁 dang...its happening again....a country song making me cry ♥️🎸🎶
Kntry 4life
🔥 🔥
Stachia Thurmond
Going to see this Goodlooken Man on July 7 2018 at Delta Downs and hoping to get my picture taken with him.
vet 89
Back before Trace got sucked into the "main stream"
Stachia Thurmond
He is the definition of a true MAN !I just can't get enough of him. Love his songs. Love his devotion too the troops.
Terrence Warthen
he will knock the hell out of somebody if he hits them I guarantee y'all that
Pam Knowles
💕🎼Trace ,Wow what a Voice!!