Trace Adkins - Jesus and Jones

Director: Peter Zavadil

Producer: Jennifer Rothlein

Production Company: Tiny Terror Productions

Written by Tyler Farr, Jim McCormick, Casey Beathard

Trace Adkins - Jesus and Jones Смотреть онлайн
Kevin Ralston Jr
I never figured out why this song didn't become a bigger hit, awesome song by an awesome musician
peachy ukulele
Fun fact: The ending of this was shot at my church and I'm in the vid for like two seconds as one of the choir members.
Isom Hodges
Them boys in that Church need to take off their hats😡 but good song and so true🎸🙏🇺🇸😂
Colette Windwalker Stables
Great song and good to see Trace back !!! We need "the real country" back BIG TIME ! He still is looking good I might add 😉😊
jason pickard
Thumbs up if Jesus and Adkins is your hero
Kenny Dow
2018 anybody?? badass man and badass singer! country music is still livin through these songs!!!
Pat Long
Hoo Ray For Trace Adkins!! I KNEW once he got through what ever it was going through IRL (remember people, that EVERYONE has SOMETHING going on their PRIVATE Lives, and WE as Fans, have to let them 'Go Through It'; We expect our Family and Friends to "Support Us' and "Allow US some Space when we going through through those painful times, We "fans" need to let those 'Celebrities' the time and space to do so as well) he would get back to making the music that made us fans in the first place!!
Justin Sisk
I love that he is making music again! I was afraid there for a while when I didn't hear anything from him, but this is a great come back. I love the George Jones references in the it lol
Trace Adkins is the last of a dying breed when it comes to pure true country music, He's a patriot, A rough shot big man who loves god and the soil he walks on every day
Jeanna Wing
We had SO much fun doing this video!!! Thanks Trace!
Thermal AE
Weird how all this new pop country can get popular but this only has 100,000 views? lmao
Chris Courtney
This what Country is supposed to sound like.
Courtney Wilburn
I've Got Every C.D Trace has.. He's my Favorite country Music Singer...
jamie pasquariello
we get it Trace you're gigantic no need to flex lol
aitech nasus
Great Song By Trace Adkins. Thank God He Knows How To Make And Record Great Sounding Country Music For All The Fans Of Country Music.
Peggy Bolling
Love me some Trace!! He will always be my #1
Soda Pop
Jamey Johnson in color
Bradley Updyke
Love the Big Man with the Big Voice... staying true to himself...
Martha Alsip
I love this man. he's one of my favorites in the country music business.
MLGames1355 x123x
Trace and Toby are the Real American Deal. Country is country because of these two patriots!!!!!!!