Trace Adkins - Marry For Money

"Marry For Money" was directed by Michael Salomon.

Trace Adkins - Marry For Money Смотреть онлайн
Gino Capinu
I was voted most likely to marry and older woman for money in High School and I did $$$
David Puckett
I'd like to dedicate this to my dad and his new girlfriend (Haag)
Adriana Gray
My mom (72) got picked to play the old lady in the skit they were gonna do for this song. She thought it was hilarious!!!
Schmidt rock
Trace every time someone pisses me off I just turn your music on and I clam down thank you sir you really helped me
Spicy Ramen
I love this guy he is so funny. His songs are so amusing. And I don't even like country that much
Mclaughlin & Crew NoOne
Elusive Anomaly
This song is so damn catchy that I like it.The lyrics are brilliant!
Linda Griffin
Trace I wish you would call me just so I could tell you I'm sorry
If that was you
I was talking to
I need to tell you
I'm so sorry
To say that to you
If that was truly you
You just don't know
What I have been through
But hun I sure don't know
What you have been through
Please oh please
give me a call
Talk to me
I deleted your number
So I have to wait on you
Unless you deleted me too
Met someone give this message to you
So I can hear from you again
To clarify that it was not you
And it was a scammer
I am so sorry Trace if that was you.. I did not mean to hurt you and neither either way.. I was just trying to make sure.. that you were you.. I hope you understand
But if it wasn't you
Person that is betraying you
Needs to stop.
Lol i love this shit. "I don't care if she loves me, if she's a 120" lmao
carrie white
never seen this video just found it. omgoodness this is funny. like the song.if this video doesn't make you laugh theres something wrong.? good one Trace
Jerry Wallace
so funny iv memerised the lierics
Cody Drouillard
Isn't he a millionaire lol
Barbara Jaurequi
We are all watching this because we love the oldies
C. Dawg Knight
Good advice from Trace.
Andy S
One of my fave songs....suits me mama...ugly....!!!! Sooo funnyyyyy....and that double crossing Gardner ...what a creep....,,,,
Mishna Kuadra
haha love this song!
Melissa Hoover
LOVE Trace! Seen in Branson.......AWEsome!
Julia Shields
Comin to Nashville Trace...look out!!
Melinda Cruz
Love this video! so funny..
C Shai Michael Edwards, Sr
LMAO!!! Funny as everything. Loved it.