Trace Adkins - Hot Mama


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Nelle Walker
I was on another Trace Adkins site and someone was saying negative things about country music being only for whites but I think that is ridiculous because I am a black woman and I enjoy some country music myself and when I say "some" that's not saying anything negative I don't like all "black music" either. I love " One hot mama"
Olivia Bohanan
I like the message
she's a total wreck
yet he sees her as beautiful
J Logan
im dating a mom of 2. the other day was her bday so we had the house tonourselves for a date nate. lol i spent weeks practicing this song to surprise her with. it was a good nighy
Mariena Chandler
I absolutely LOVE that even though she looks a mess and is completely worn out awake and asleep, not seeing herself as attractive - he sees her as someone whose sexy and appealing. She wants the body she used to have. He doesn't want who she was, he wants who she's become and loves who she's become. Good Man ;)
Christina Rico
this is why country guys are the best type of guys
Why is Trace Adkins singing about my wife?
Aimee McKim
love this song. My husband says this is exactly how he feels about me. blushes lol
Noah The Texan
Is it bad if my teacher walked by me and smiled at me while i was listening to this song ps. shes a hot mamma
Trace is one tall drink of water.
Barney Lynch
She wouldn't be such a mess if Trace would actually help her with the kids and housework.
I Played my wife this song and i think im gonna get lucky tonight :)
for the world you're just somebody, but for somebody, you are the world.
Jay Townsend
That is the way a man should see his wife,trouble comes when she can not see herself that way.
Kathryn Poole
His wife is the luckiest woman in the world to just get to sit there and look at this man all she wants. DAYM!
jason bench
this is EXACTLY how any real man SHOULD feel about his girl.... shes HOT, no matter how normal, bored or stressed
we are on any given day
Mmmmm he is one hot papa
Carol Diane
Goodness gracious he's hot😂
I hope that the same woman who played the "normal mom" also played the "sexy mom" because otherwise the message is lost.
Leslie Corrin
I think this song is great cause he thinks his wife is one hot mama while she's doing all she can to get in them old jeans she used to wear. He's sweet ^_^ like my own hubby that thinks I'm hot no matter what. if this is how my husband see's me in his mind wearing slutty lingerie and running my hands all over myself, and flipping my hair in slow motion while I'm sweating away over a hot stove or cleaning the house then more power to him ;)
Voodo Queen
Trace Adkins, you make every female feel special, thank you for that ^_^, you make us feel like there's someone out there who will always see us like this