Neal McCoy - Kawliga

Music video by Neal McCoy performing Kawliga.

Neal McCoy - Kawliga Смотреть онлайн
I love that Charley Pride was at the end!
Cant believe I never heard this version!  Neal knocked it out of the park!
steven jennings
this is the number 1 req I get to do every time we play
Jake Barnes
Hahahahah! Yeah! Seeing Charley Pride at the end was the best part.
candy aurand
Always loved hearing Neal do this and so glad he came out with a video. I used to beg him to sing it, sometimes gave him a note with a $5 attached! Thanks Neal!
louiesa nichole
I love this song I grew up on it 3-4 generations STRONG
George Mccullough
This is nothing compared to Hank.
cody cutrer
best version of this song I have ever heard
Jessie Mo-oy
Rebel Rabble Rouser
My dad is such a huge fan of Neil. Neil personally messaged him on Facebook, and seemed to be a genuine man.
Just blows my mind he’s Filipino! As a kid with no tv I always heard him on radio only. Never dreamed he was anything but white.
Jonathan Goins
pretty good version of the song and a better quality of sound
Scoop Johnson
Where was this filmed?
Sherry Miller
great video and my favorite singer.
Genea Maines
So good.
steven jennings
love it
Primrose Haran
very nice singer and song
Primrose Haran
Fantastic singer and great song thanks for this great post
jade fire
The kid starring in this video also plays the chunky bully in the Statham movie Homefront. The one where Statham's daughter beats the snot out of him.
Daniel Smith
Neal McCoy put on one of the best concerts I've ever been to hands down