Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society - Fire It Up

Music video by Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society performing Fire It Up. (C) 2009 Zakk Wylde. Under exclusive license to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.

Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society - Fire It Up Смотреть онлайн
Craig Peterson
The kids at the school cannot believe Mr. P listens to this . . . if they only knew :)
FIRE IT UP!!!!!!
Emperor Palpatine
This song makes me wanna go out and cause so much anarchy looks like the purge came a little early
zakkary wiseman
one of the guitar gods that roams this earth
Heath Mordin
193 people couldn't fire it up
Alyssa Fronek
I'm 11and I like this music no I'm not goth I'm tomboy
HATERS GONNA HATE lond live zakk
Killer Slowly
i will always remember this from the very first guitar hero game
Monkey Music
when you need a smoke but your lighter died and your friend lets you use theirs.
John Milton
Someone where I work wrote "BLS SDMF" on one of the boxes. Whoever they are, I salute them for great taste in music.
Gage MacPherson
SERIOUSLY, somebody make a Sons Of Anarchy music video with this song. Does anybody else see how perfect that would be?? lol!
this shit is going to happen soon...
When i take a puff from the leaves of the dev-- oops wrong fire it up.
295 people are still stuck playing Guitar Hero 1.
Ross Curtis
BLS doesn't have to be compared to metal or what have you..... they are Black Label Society..
Long live Zakk !
Damn fine chit :)
Reuben Ginsburg
The main riff is so simple...yet effective. Classic BLS, you can't beat it
Raspberry Ale
Looks like I'll be listening to this on loop for the rest of my life. Thanks, America.
Michael Emanuele
Zakk for president!
Brandon Shackelford
BLS. thank you for the music that help me pick myself up and walk away like a boss
Karl Jackson
The most awesome thing I've seen all week!