Black Label Society - Ain’t No Sunshine

Black Label Society performing "Ain't No Sunshine" from "Unblackened" - online and in stores 24 September 2013. A special thanks to The Dream Downtown Hotel for supporting Zakk Wylde.

Black Label Society - Ain’t No Sunshine Смотреть онлайн
Alex von Seggern
This sounds like it should have been in Sons of Anarchy
I'm pretty sure he said "Ain nuh thumbdrahv when she gawn"
I think perhaps no one understand the significance of that purple guitar Vinnie is playing... It's not a "V" but rather it is based off Dimebag Darrell's "X", and it's crossed with a Zakk Wylde style Gibson, which is evident from the paint job. FFS has Dimebag already faded so fast from the memories of the metalheads?
rad_azz _rodney
vinnie looks like a heavy metal version of ron Jeremy
Atavistic By Nature
Was that Sarah Jessica Parker or Zakk wearing a horse mask???
Tomorrow, if someone says "Have you ever seen a horse fight a chicken?", I can say "yes."
Thank you, Zakk Wylde. :)
Nicholas Geiger
That's enough internet for one day.
Ken MacKenzie
I didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker could play guitar
I don't know if I'm more surprised by the horse heads, or Vinnie Paul playing guitar..
Keenan Glover
Zakk Wylde for the new Bojack Horseman!! Anybody with me?
is that dimes bro?
bruce livingston
Lmao, didn't expect such a silly video for a serious song.
Bill Withers was so underrated. Zakk does his song justice...
Vinnie's cameo is great 😂
The DevL
Zakk is looking healthy as a horse.
Andrew Russo
Why ask why there are horse masks when the truly strange occurs with Vinnie Paul on the guitar...well sort of on the guitar.
0:53 That rooster is a big-time cockblocker.
phenom_ 1986
I don't get the horse head stuff...
Robert Browne
Damn, these guys are really horsing around,
James Horner
Its that damn rooster from Family Guy again.