G3 - Going Down (Live In Concert)

Music video by G3 performing Going Down (Live In Concert). (C) 1997 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Hayk Martirosyan
Yeaaaaaaaah, finally you uploaded!!! Been waiting for this till Sony released VHS/DVD with 1997 G3 tour :) One of my fav performances :) \m/ Cool ! Cheers from Armenia, Joe!
cranston silt
Great to see this again, finally. Always loved the finale during this initial G3 tour. Saw it in several cities. Thanks Joe!
It don't get much better than this, seriously. Satch playin blues...oh yeaaah. :)
Joe Fenech
Great uploads......reminded me why I love to go to Joe’s performances..
Nothing like it compares !
Joe is like a guitar high priest out there always super professional also
Gina Always a VIP!
See you in the spring Satch and thank you Gentlemen Awesome!
Jeroen Kuilman
Thank you my friends...✨🌍❤️🙏😀🇳🇱
Luis Paulo
Legal!!! Posta mais do g3 live in concert
Randy Dayal
could hear : left ear - Steve, right ear - Eric, both ears - Joe.. lol.. Bad sound recording to this masterpeice :( :(
Zayne Carroll
Eric smokes them both 😎
David Angelo
It’s a stretch but it looks like he’s wearing big daddy-o ray ban??? Joe if you are I’m one thing closer to being as good as you 👍🏽
Tony Michaels
If this is from the DVD that was recorded in Minneapolis, that's the show my wife and I were at. Epic stuff, still have my t-shirt from the show too
Vovka80markovka Blek
I am here before the millions!
True legends!
Chosen Warfare
Joe satrioni best solo eric Johnson in there also but steve vai I hate the way he dances...
Juan DG
Just Amazing !!!
Gianni Toni
David Reyes
El mejor de todos los guitarristas!! King 👑
3 MIT 😍😍😍😍