Crowder - Hundred Miles (Acoustic)

Crowder - Official Acoustic for “Hundred Miles,” from the album I KNOW A GHOST.

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Bless the Lord, oh my soul

Sing praise to Him and Him alone

Bless the Lord, oh my soul

Sing praise with me, you heavenly hosts

And I can’t help myself

There is no one else

Like you, God

And I could sing a song

A hundred miles long

But it won’t compare

And I could sing a song

A thousand miles long

But it won’t compare

Hallelujah, sing to the Lord

Hallelujah, my soul, my soul rejoice

My soul, my soul rejoice

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Music video by Crowder performing Ghost (Lyric Video). © 2019 Capitol Christian Music Group, Inc.

Crowder - Hundred Miles (Acoustic) Смотреть онлайн
There is something about the acoustic versions of your songs that leaves me speechless. The simplicity and I guess “natural” sounds of the instruments is truly beautiful. Loved the scenery in the background. Thank you for your music!
And nice hat you got there!
Kylie 7834
So thankful i found Crowder, best music ever. Praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 🕊❤
Someday when I'm older and have enough money, I want to go to one of Crowder's show
Michael H
I would pay money for an acoustic I Know A Ghost album
JJ Davinci
Thank you Jesus who is Christ for everything.
Susan R Archbell
Since God has brought me to know Crowder through his music, my life has changed for the better! Thank you David Crowder and your best buds in the band for the beautiful Church Music!❤️🎶🎶❤️🎶🎶❤️🎶🎶❤️❤️❤️❤️
TTV. LilSpazOP
I love this dude
Beauty-fully done. Love the transition to the outro too. Just a tad sad that y'all won't be coming to Nashville soon. ^_^
Virginia Tobar
Crowder can never go wrong.... 💗
Denise Danielle D
Love it!!!! Perfectly said! My soul rejoice!
Denise Danielle D
Enjoyed y'all in Thomasville! So excited to hear this new song! Keep up the great work guys!!
Rebecca Sterling
Love, Love, Love!!!!! This artist and company just keep getting better and better!
PSJ fellowship
Wow crowder.thats beautiful your are awesome.gospel music is the worshiping God
PeterandAnn Towle
If you know my friend Crowder you know. God is on the move in the heart of worship in this age. This song nails it. Freedom in Christ Jesus expressed in song. If this it what it looks like to follow Jesus, then count me all in. I know a Ghost living down deep inside of me.
Timothy Reidt
Praise God!!
Jossue Escobar
Love this!!
Awesome Band Beautiful song Thanks and God Bless gives u chills.
Shelly Rae
I have goosebumps! This version sounds like a prayer to God and the instruments are beautifully played.
Ify Nsoha
This song is absolutely amazing.
Sabine Fanger got it 🎻❤🌹❤ Glory to the most high..what a joy for the heaven and earth...Maranatha💚🙏🏽🕊👑🦋