Rapsody - Drama

For the single, "Drama". Available Now!

Directed by Cam Be

Produced by Khrysis

Official music video by Rapsody performing Drama. 2014 Jamla Records / Culture Over Everything

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Raps is not only a dope female rapper BUT dope rapper period....
Andre Caldwell
I dig the joint. She did not compromise her lyricism and you can still bang it in the club. She just demonstrated how multi faceted she is. Not many rappers let alone a female one at that can accomplish such.
I think I been sleeping on this chick right here,my bad lol
Tim H
Man Rapsody underrated she deserves better
Justin Jay
the hook on this is one of the dopest hip hop hooks I have ever heard.
Ana C. Zorzanelo
thank you kendrick
lamia sangs
People keep saying Missy Elliot, but her flow reminds me more of Pharoahe Monch! Go head, Rapsody! 🔥👌
Never heard her on a track with a flow this aggressive. LOVE IT. She was still as lyrical as she always is, just came with a club angle, and it works great because her intellect and skill and technical ability weren't compromise with the style change.
Spectator Mag
Damn this sht is dope af!
Tim H
Needs more views
Saad Cecil
Im here cuz of "Complexion"
Timothy Ryan
Damnit, how does this only have like 30k hits?
Shep Bryan
Dig it... word to the JAMLA squad and the #NCStateCypher. Thank you to Rap, 9th, Khrysis, & the crew. 
Harry Gascoigne
Iggy bow down!!!
Where have I been?? Somewhere 😴 sleepin on this dope a$$ song!!! Thank you Dear White People!
Fernanda Baranski
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeita ! PESADO !!!
Dre Hardin
"The world is going apes again, I think we need a Ceasar" 🔥

(Planet of the Apes reference)
conrod hall
She spit that fire
Justin Fryson
A touch of Missy Elliot huh...