Kodak Black - Transgression [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black - Transgression [Official Music Video]

Directed by: @Wavyyflash

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Kodak Black - Transgression [Official Music Video] Смотреть онлайн
Kyle Masters
Whos better

Kodak black = like
Blueface = reply
You will have great luck in 2019.

Like to activate.
Rah Voodoo
Kodak came out of jail and now glokknine is non existent 😂💯
Isaac Brown
“I did everything these streets told me was cool to do, now I rather prove it to myself before I prove it to you!”
lil lisha
"We love each other so much..our energy just keep colliding" - Kodak vibing 😱🔥🔥
Jared M.
Kodak did it again...(like if you agree)
lil kodak and 21 evolved into their final form
This beat is amazing
kendjy jo
If you a Kodak fan share his music let's stop them from destroying him Kodak didn't kill Nipsey
WTF Kodak bro!!! this beat is a thing of nightmares. Feels like m rolling on the ground on a full moon night in a swamped forest & a hyena chewing my arm while m high as fck on something lit...
Ozymandias ➊
99 % of people wont read this but

Have a fantastic day 1 % :)
PNE_Streek S
I love Kodak he just keeps on getting better his music has gotten me through some rough times
Blue Knight Rin
project baby slowly coming back 🔥
Cory Ross
100000 times better than Harvard drop out 🔥
The thing bout Kodak is that he relevant and still has many lyrics for his songs after 7 years of being in the rap game. He been through it all and he real
Dope Boy Taeひ
If your reading this I hope you get everything you want in life
TS- 95
" I couldn't even get no letter from you, and that was your gun" damn Kodak always coming through with the real emotion and pain on his songs. 🔥🔥
Every song getting better who's agree
Thank you Kodak for the inspiration of my music, hope to one day have a chance to work with you 🙏
Mino LLKChris
I play this song at least 5 times back 2 back 😂🔥💯💯💯