Hozier - Hozier - Movement (Live) | Vevo Official Performance

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Gandalf the Grey
I’m attracted to women and Hozier and that’s that on that.
Stèph Gee
Hello hi, I very much appreaciate how zoomed in this video was to his face.
Cierra White
He's just so.....I have no words to describe just exactly what his voice does to me.
Ja'Brea Bennett
I think if Hozier and Florence ever got together, heaven would literally fall from the sky
Ana Pm
When he taps the rhythm on his chest, you can tell that beat comes from his heart, that's his soul oozing out via his vocals/music
The fact that he sings the "eeeeh" part at the end which he usually doesn't do at concerts, this live version is perfect!
Your hair has its own sexuality 😍
Hannah Edmonds
He makes it look so effortless. Another beautiful performance.
Silvia Taltos
confirmed , i'm pregnant
ammar shamsul
and im wonder why tf these guys not performing at grammys
Steppewolfy 83
First giving like, then listen. Because it's Hozier.
Wiked Wakeida
At some point he's not even using the mic yet it does not affect the clarity of his voice. The poetry, the depth! What is this human?
Elevator Girl
Having him as a boyfriend must be like opening the gates of heaven 😍
olivia the flower child
How is he still so underrated
I'm not gay, but......
Jaerin Kim
The true bard of our age.
Jamie Pruden
I like how he always slowly takes apart the microphone stand when he's singing
moi moi
The only singer who sound better in live lol
Manuel Trouble
This is art, pure art.