Alicia Keys - Raise A Man (Audio)

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Alicia Keys - Raise A Man (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
Orlando Ogaza
Alicia be the type to take a break from hosting the Grammys to drop a song ❤💪😂
I Love Sakura Haruno
We need a new album from Alicia Keys this 2019 Pleaseeeee🙏
Israel’s Art
Only Alicia keys would drop a song in between hosting the Grammys 😭
Jasmine kuwonu
Watching the Grammys in the moment!!!😆😆
Gabriela Soares
Thanks for making me a better person, i love you 💜
Alicia...... Your concentration on the harmony and background notes are so impressive, Wow ! So nice.
Instagram Models
Anybody watch Alicia performance at the Grammys?
LiLi is back!! 😍 AKeys is boo and bae.
Wowwwwww... this is that "got that good lovin' and a beautiful family" music. Yes its ok, baby! It is definitely OK to love a man right now. 🤚🏿 I FELT THAT! Raising a little man right now with my king of a husband. 💙
Brittany Morrison
Alicia: brb, I need to go release this amazing song real quick
Grammy's: no problem, do your thing
katerina velona
I never clicked a video faster in my life....amazing of course!! I mean it's Alicia Keys of course it's a maaterpiece!!
TaMya Dotson
I was just saying how I was ready for her to drop a song then BOOM 30 minutes later!!!❤❤❤❤I love me some Alicia
Zoe Sinovich
I just hit like before I even listen cause she ain never disappoint. Love it
Beautiful Alicia. You were Terrific at the Grammy's too.
macy jade
alicia has the most beautiful soul. inside and out she’s so beautiful, wow.
Tyler Watt
Yeah she’s back! Finally.
Brianna Johnson
Lol who else you know will drop a song while hosting the Grammys? 😂💓
Wagner Sousa
Os brasileiros sempre em peso!!!!!!!!!!
Linda canção!!!
Seonil Kim
You're the most shining star in Grammy tonight
Beautiful voice, beautiful person , beautiful song 💯
The flEAKy Three
Perfect vocals❤️💯🥴