Caleb Steph - Can I Talk

Caleb Steph - Can I Talk

Caleb Steph - Can I Talk Смотреть онлайн
Jazzmyn sb
this is fire saw it on an ad on insta and i was so surprised that it was actually good that i looked into it,,, youre finna blow up just keep pushing promotion and keep putting shit out
Thought this was gon be another lame rapper, this was lit though 🤙
The MiQ Rap
I heard you by accident on the Tidal
Nice flow bro😃
cant wait for the 1975 to produce beats for him lol (lowkey thatd be cool actually)
Tae Cartier
Caleb Steph 2019 | Here 4 it #757
Czarek Mikołajewski
I realy love this song. Bro you flow is amazing
Willie Nation
Dawg keep doing what you doing g ‼️‼️‼️ (also you should drop the instrumental) I fwi
Daniel Willis
Not bad, some nice bars and decent flow
Filippo Napoli
So when you gonna blow up? 💣💥😅
(The emoji sweating cuz it's hot out here)

STR8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥BRUH!
Charlie Bronson
Matt got me here... Nice song tho
Gregg Shields
Smoove track! Got potential ✊🏾
Let's go caleb lemme know when you wanna collab
Shaquille Thomas
Stay ready young bull!
Friendly Homie
Love this song, I'm addicted to it now. You've got talent bro, keep it up! Can't wait to hear more from you
Chloe Adigwe
You're really talented bro ngl
Keep pushin’ nephew!!
Beat on point, your flow riding nice on it...stay on your grind GS ..
homeless kangaroo
I feel like your gonna be famous, just know i was here before it happened
Nice F L O W! Keep bangin em out - HITS HITS HITS
Jaden Saul
Keep the good work bro bro