Kassi Ashton - Violins - Official Video

Music video by Kassi Ashton performing Violins. © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Kassi Ashton - Violins - Official Video Смотреть онлайн
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This girl is badass 💪🏼love her voice
Samantha Hopkins
Love this video as much as the song! Kassi can move 💃🏻
Marie Morrissey
I love it! 💞
I got over here from your mom's post on Facebook!
Very glad to sub and ring the bell!
Capitão do Titanic
Amazing Melody on the chorus
Meredith Boyce
c'mon Kassi, give the guy a chance. He looks nice. <3
Katherine B
Can't get enough of this song - love it!
David H
Wow from violins I found this!
Sarah Murabito
now where have I seen this before?
Music Production Central
wow, its like Fergie but alot worse. Good times people, good times.
Sarah Archer
kassi's choreo is what I think I look like dancing to this in my room I stg
You also want Freemasonry ; )
Sarah Smolich-Luttrell
Finally the actual video,😻😻😻.
Dalton Taylor
Amazingggggg <3
This is awful The song is generic AF and she's...old. Very old to be playing in HS. I'm creeped out by the tryhard.
Emily Diez
i looove her earrings omg and i can't believe she made these outfits too if only i was that creative lol
David H
Alex Perez
How is this not more popular!??!?
Elora Maxwell
David H
waiting on them violins aha wink
Heather Jeanette
Love this Kassi!!!! ❤️🔥