The Cinematic Orchestra - A Promise (feat. Heidi Vogel) (Edit)

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The Cinematic Orchestra - A Promise (feat. Heidi Vogel) (Edit) Смотреть онлайн
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if all album will be like those 2 tracks, it will be heaven on earth
Henry Glennon
Don't ever leave us again! And thank you!
Katy Tarantino
omg. i heard it on the radio right now and i am impressed
This drum solo at the end is just orgasmic! Thank you for a new stunning album.
It all sounds very ambitious, but my goodness it's 20 years since "Motion" - what a landmark that album was
Sara L
This had me dancin' :D
Rudy Mondo
Enfin! They are back....❤
P. Chatzik.
Tears kept falling down my face from the very first time I listened to this..
That will be an amazing Spring i guess!
laila land
Soulful , atmospheric, emotional, full of space and very remixable. Loving this and looking forward to watching it live!
Grzegorz Gorczyca
the begining is a little bit like "Untold" from RY X...
Another Gem From The Upcoming Album....Dope!!!!
Can you upload the instrumental?
Babsi and Tom
That beat kicking in at 2:40 !
I gotboredbutcouldntthinkofagoodname
Yes! What a whey to wake up.

You were gone too long.
Dulce Coimbra
I'm in love again 😍 So beautiful!!!!!
Finally, worth the wait :)
Derryl thomas Holmes
Heidi Vogel, your voice is a universal treasure !! So beautiful !!
Vidi Vici
Meravigliosa ♡