Dwayne Wiggins - What's Really Going On (Strange Fruit)

Music video by Dwayne Wiggins performing What's Really Going On (Strange Fruit). (C) 2000 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Dwayne Wiggins - What's Really Going On (Strange Fruit) Смотреть онлайн
J. R.
Just heard this song for the first time last week at a private event in Chicago. Dwayne and the band sounded great and the verses caught my attention... So much so that I went on iTunes and purchased it. I think this song should be re-released. In light of all of the racial and political fallout this song has such relevance.
This was his rendition of the Billie Holiday song of the same name.
I met this dude,and he was real down to earth. Real talk.
Michael Prescott, Jr.
Miss this dude.
Southern trees bear strange fruit. Blood on the leaves, blood on the roots. Society, there's no truth. Tell me what's really going on.
Saw him at summer spirit festival in the DMV area last weekend. Love the way he plays the guitar!
In addition to this song being a (near) cover of the old jazz classic, it also might sound like Boz Scaggs' 1980 hit "Jojo."
Audris Bradley
How many years have gone by and I still sing this song like it was just cut yesterday?
deedee harper
love this song!
This only got 20k views , wow.
Jason T
The best bridge ever!
Breno DePaula
perfect jam
Truth Hurts
More truth than fiction
Conscious Brother31
Jill Ross : I agree with you on everything you said. Plus we got 2 Naracisstic Candidates running for the highest office in the land. God help us only thru Jesus Christ,believing and Obeying Him can righteous change happen Globally. October 1,2016
Boundless Conception
I been looking for this song for a minute now. never knew he sung it.
This song still rings true today with Philando, Tamir, Sandra Bland, John Crawford and too many to name.
#ShopWitB Shakur
Lateshia Childs
Thank God for VH1 Soul they are what BET used to be back in the 80s and 90s.
Kyng Ediwang
i remember when it came out....it was 7.99 at camelot.....when all the other cds were 15.99 and up....
Terry E. Rucks
First time hearing and seeing this joint on VH1 Soul couple nights ago! Love this song. . .Really love Tone Toni Tony! Great message
Krazey Singa
We are still facing racism. It's for us to be strong,hold our faith and stand our ground. Thank You Dwayne!!! I'm especially grateful.