YUNGBLUD, Halsey - 11 Minutes ft. Travis Barker

Music video directed by Colin Tilley

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Music video by YUNGBLUD, Halsey performing 11 Minutes. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

YUNGBLUD, Halsey - 11 Minutes ft. Travis Barker Смотреть онлайн
elizabeth nedelcu
This is the type of music Halsey should be more involved with. Perfect for her voice. Im getting rock/emo vibes
Charlotte Pachol
The best part about this is that they’re together
Joelle M
Omg the song is amazing love the lyrics but can we talk about the music video!!!! Damn it was like I was watching a movie I can literally feel his pain!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kaylee Playz
Who else keeps replaying this song?

Or is just me? ;-;
Azaria-Maria Cooney
my emo phase would've loved this
Most of you are probably here for Ashley but the ones here for Dominic, I see u, because I am u.
Jessica Filley
The drummer I was focused on. He was killing it

I’ll leave now
Emilee Ward
Not a fan of his music but this a good song and the video is very well thought out and relatable.
Crystal Litchfield
I was always a fan of Halsey but the dynamic of this duo is undeniable. Never heard of Yungblud before but I have checked him out and I’m loving his stuff! He can alternate between punk and rock and pop so effortlessly that I’m not sure what genre to put him in, pretty much an all around artist. Thinking we need more people like him.
i need a YUNGBLUD X Billie Eilish collab
Pixel Delite
Travis Barker playing on a song only makes it better, he's like magic. Coupled with the insane chemistry of Halsey and Yungblood this is a great song. Based on a true story.
Jc Agustn
11 Minutes

Chapter 1: denial
Chapter 2: anger
Chapter 3: bargaining
Chapter 4: depression
Chapter 5: acceptance
Their chemistry looks more pure and natural then Halsey’s and G easy
ed rage
sorry but i was just imagine Hayley Williams and Chester Benington singing this song.
*G-Eazy Left Chat*
Bianca Clove
Why does this remind me of Avril Lavigne 😂
Sharon Hebert
Travis Barker will you Mary me too ? 😘
This honestly brings me back to depression and I don't understand why I can't stop playing it
-lLuisDock Chanel
This song sounds like a song made by Lil Peep and Linkin Park..😍