Lady Gaga - LoveGame (Behind the Scenes)

Music video by Lady Gaga performing LoveGame. (C) 2009 Interscope Records

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Darlon Torres
Gaga's Amazing... Love that woman so so so much, she's awesome! 💕
Gotta love this
Jacob Prater
People often say she is the new Madonna I don't believe it even at her lowest she has more class and self respect them Madonna
Oscar Medellín
now you don't need to tell us who you are, the whole world knows who is Gaga <3
0:37 Aaaand I'm a little bit naked... But it's okay, it's sexy, people like it :D
Oh GaGa, we LOVE you and your humour <3!
Tijana Tikic
I miss this Gaga :(
Vincent Delareux
her nose was bigger
Kai Schellhase
man...I can't believe I used to hate her so much..I had issues
Lady Gaga
Anyone miss the fame era?
2:48 "2009 y'all, stay focused" 
Lavdim Curri
marlon Prado
4MyAngels steve
she is a beautiful young lady ,I love her expressiveness on every issue going on ,a few songs I don't care for but the most part she is awesome
throaat t
Gosh she's so cute
Joe Gregson
0:37 she dose't want to do i can tell
Peter Castro
Am I the only one who think her face is really different now compared to this?
Angel Ciccone
the best era of lady gaga
aitai sakura
LG5!!! New Eraaaaaa
Lucky Just
Haha^^Lady Gaga is such a cutiepie, and I love the concept of this! She's so artistic .
Ning Chaching
the true voice is lady gaga have a cute voice not bitch hot or something. i love it