Lady Gaga - Poker Face (The Making Of)

Music video by Lady Gaga performing Poker Face. (C) 2008 Interscope Records

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She sounds so different there compared to now
אלפנטמן - elephantman
Like 2018
Jaymes Warde
2008 was a fun year, I remember this when I was still in school, and I know she was an adult then, but I feel as though we have all grown up with her.
diane knut
she sound so cute and shy! kinda cute, miss how it was :/
Arcel Glenn Mayrena
When she still had the smile and happiness from the first taste of fame. I miss her innocence. It seems like she's jaded from it all now. I will be a monster till the end. This Gaga will never be back but I am excited for her evolution. Sure stanning for this dominating Gaga is exhilirating but no change is just plain boring.
James Del Rey
I wish she was still in the Fame Era...
MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall
A Lady Gaga video isn't just entertainment, it's an EXPERIENCE.
Man, I remember I used to be obsessed with her when I was 12. Now I'm 19! Watching this is so nostalgic and seeing how far she's come is just, WOW!
eddy wolfe
I miss when Lady Gaga was always on the radio. Now they don't even play Applause at all. Like wtf.?!
and now she's the biggest pop superstar in the world.. I wonder if anyone in that set that day ever thought of it?
laurel medeiros
this is stefani speaking
Robert Guillen
THAT Gaga dosnt exist anymore. Not badmouthing her, or saying shes a Bad person, but Fame definitely changed her. Shes alot prettier here, then now, in my opinion.
Luigi Mazzini
how many things can change in 8 years...
Artemis Unicorn
Poker face is Nice
Zain Rehaan
Old times 😪
Rafa Reach
Elie K
she is a whole new different person now
Carlos Del Angel
she used to be so cute and genuine :((
wai wong
happy 30th birthday my queen!
She was so shy in the beginning