Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182 (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182

Starring Dora Madison & Christian A. Pierce

Music Video Director: Brandon Dermer

EP: Luga Podesta, Matt Day

Produced by Matt Day, Lauren Bates

Cinematographer: Wojciech Kielar

Production Designer: Justin Slade McClain

First AD: Seth Farley

Editor: Alex Splice Jones

Color: RKM Studios

B Cam: Chuck Schwarzbeck

1st AC: D’Angelo Harding

2nd AC: Marques Mallare & Alba Villaronga

Key Grip: Zach Kienitz

Grip: Rene Yescas

Best Boy Grip: Theo Thomspon & Francis Butler

Gaffer: Levi Kaminkowitz

Swing: James Sutor

Art Director: Brian Mayfield

Leadman: Kyle Loughrin

Set dresser: Joseph Altamuro, Peter Wassell & Michael Vitale

Set PA: Robert Main

Camera PA: David Lepper

Playback: Jacobus Baas

Mixer: Mike Robertson

Make Up: Sunny Drissa & Nadine Sondej-Robinson

Set Medic: Andrew Irvine

2nd AD: Jesse Carmona

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Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182 (Official Video) [Ultra Music] Смотреть онлайн
steven pedroza
I would Love For Blink 182 to do a rock version of this song
Ashley Waner
How do I like this song?! And I keep repeating! What is happening?!
Thomas Barzycki
Dallas McGee
I see travis playing but I don’t hear him playing..
theres your asian friend🤙
Steve Aoki and blink-182 :

Tom Delonge : That's why aliens don't want to talk to us.
ramram comcom
Steve Aoki FEAT Blink182. not the other way around. So i dont get the hate coming from comments.
Eric The MuffMan
I hate my girlfriend but love this song. So I can never win
Bryan Kerwin
This should be Steve Aoki feat Mark and Matt (only mics, no instruments). There is not much else Blink 182 about this, but the vocals and song are enjoyable. Mark at 2:00-2:08 was interesting. The video and calling it Blink 182 is what makes it awkward as what they are playing doesn't match the song at all, especially Travis.
Jeremy O'Leary
Don't mind Steve Aoki, love Travis, Mark is aight, but damn this ain't Blink 182.
Such a good drummer, and they prefer putting electronic booms
Spinxo Studios
Travis looks bored to death after midnight while being up all night playing this song
Lantern of Diogenes
It's pretty insulting to but s drum beat over Travis Barkers real raw talent
Jerry Gil
La esencia de blink de aquel tiempo ya no está pero aún así, gran tema!
Travis was worried that if Tom stayed they would sound too much like Coldplay and U2... And this is better? 🤨
Next time : Steve Aoki ft. Avril Lavigne
NightMareAssassin HD
Mark is talking about his receding hairline when he sings "I've got time to slow you down down down down doooown..." love ya tho Mark. <3
Info Wave
Evan Oslund
Such subtle product placement at the end of this. Like damn, I never could’ve guessed what they were drinking.
Jacob Quick
TWIST ENDING: It was a Smirnoff commercial the entire time.