Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Live on SNL)

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Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Live on SNL) Смотреть онлайн
Mervin Pineda
Her abdomen is so sexy.
Her outfits are always so creative :)
Eric Lehman
In my opinion, this his her best song!
i think she dances better than her backup dancers.. lol love her dancers tho
Holy hell this is my first time seeing this. I love this, she danced and sang her ass off which caused her water to break lol
Rick N
i want gay anthem like this for LG5 lmao
Alyssa T
Here to cleanse my brain after that horrific Katy Perry "swish swish" performance. THIS is how you perform on SNL!
hurrr mmhMMMHMGHH
Notice how diverse Gaga's dancers are, even 5 years ago before it was anywhere near as big a deal as it is today.
louis reyes
Diva queen 💋
Vitor Vinícius
She is the Queen!!!
Damein Bell
Legendary statement Mother Monster
Positively beautiful. She was born that way.
Samuel J . Sillva
Raggib Ishruq
Unlike other artists' performance, no shade. This performance has such a story to it
Luna Queen
WOOOHOOOOO!!!!  I needed to see this video this morning lol.  Ahh Lady GaGa keep it up, fight the good fight till the very end!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen out there, you were born this way for purpose, compassion, love, laughter and to let Your inner light shine on!!!!!!! WE were BORN TO BE BRAVE!! !!! :D <3   We are all Made in His Image!       (( to me, this is God, his Son Jesus is my Lord and Savior!  I respect other people's interpretations and beliefs, because I was not put on this earth to judge, I leave that to my Heavenly Father God.  I just wanted to add this post because I believe we need more Love in this crazy world and less haters, who may just be truely broken and do not have the words to express it. *This comment is coming from a loving spirit here. :)  ))    
Ricardo Ruiz Negron
eddy wolfe
How have I never seen this performance, I'm such a fake fan :(
Roberto Montiel
Yago Vieira
queen queen queen!