Maren Morris - Common (The Making Of...) ft. Brandi Carlile

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Taylor Curl
the beginning of the song gives me chills every time 💗 so much talent
The most beautiful duet in a very long time.... Maren and Brandi's voice just blend so smoothly... this is just a masterpiece
Lucy Peters
Brandi is so cute!!! She looks like Spinelli from Recess in her orange hat. Also I love that Maren has no shoes on stage! They are so cool!
I love you Maren, I love you Brandie .. good job ladies ♥️
Jillian Manners
So in love with the way Maren belts out, “BUT WE GOT WAY TOO MUCH IN COMMON!”
Guilherme Spereira
This song should be the really #1 on Billboard Hot 100. P E R F E C T
Amr Abd-Elgelel
Amazing sweetie ❤️
From Egypt I love you ❤️🌺
Pasta Pasty Pastu
Loveeeeee this song!
Mark Armstrong
W♡W so beautiful and amazing duet💖❣
Vannah McKinney
wait i’m actually sobbing. this is the best thing ever.
Brett Gray
Oh man just wait until you add Amanda Shires to these two
Victory Lofipo
Now this is what you call a song WELL DONE!!!! This is probably one of my favorite songs of Maren's new single "GIRL". These two ladies are just seriously so talented and their voices together is just absolutely PERFECTION!!!!
Roxana Pérez
I'm so proud of you🖤
#zeal Azax
Perfect blend. They sound so osm together.
Roxana Pérez
Te amo, I Love You 💜
Hansel Cansancio
Awesomely PERFECT 👏👏👏
Wilson Gilley
Its because you and HURD are our next superstars behind TR ;). just give it time... you are going to the top with him baby girl.. and the Cadillac 3... all our friends.. why don't you hit them up a sometime duet with TC3 !!!
Love it! Hate that I missed Nashville
Faisal Ala
Legends ❤️❤️
King Of Fun
Queen 👑 of Fun
Love you from Israel 😘