The Technicolors - Hurt So Bad

Music video for Hurt So Bad performed by The Technicolors.

Copyright (C) 2019 The Technicolors.


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Abbie Byrne
I actually don’t know how this song only has 192 views when it sounds like THAT
Allen Suating
Brennen looks so fab. The music video so rad. Hurt so bad that you are still underrated. Kudos to another awesome music from the technicolors!! Love lots from Ph :)
Jim Kofron
Sweet song, crazy video, what's not to love?
lais D.Rodrigues
I love this band so much... when I think it can't get just get so much better!!! Keep doing what you doing guys <3
_Gianna_ 15
just perfection as always🖤
Shania Pixie
Everything my heart needed ♥️
Lindsay Day
Had this song on repeat since it's come out, absolute banger. Love the look Brennan has in the vid too
Braden Norris
Alissa Andrews
this song is a complete BOP and the music video is wild!!! great job guys
Cameron McDonald
You guys are the greatest. Can't wait to see you live again.
Marcela Santana
wow! greetings from Brazil
Perkwallflower '
Thaisy R. Almiro
you guys did it again!!
DX Satellite Rock
Great song!
Henry Miranda
can't find them on spotify :((
Sidney Farrar
so pritty
Heeeeeell yes
Chris Saylor
Cool new song! If you're doing vids again can we get one for Neon Roses? Song is such a banger can't believe there's no video.
Matt Maeson