Newton Faulkner - Don't Leave Me Waiting

Music video by Newton Faulkner performing Don't Leave Me Waiting. (C) 2019 Battenberg Recordings Limited (Newton Faulkner)

Newton Faulkner - Don't Leave Me Waiting Смотреть онлайн
Lane oe
Okay, so obviously that is an awesome song and a great video but can we take a second and appreciate Newton's eyes? I'm sorry if it sounds weird but they just look so beautiful. 😅
Dhruv Pandey
Hope more people start appreciating your work❤️
Kirsty Frewen
My boyfriend just left to take a break for I have no idea how long, maybe forever. We have tickets to the tour, I truly hope we can still go. This song is perfect. Don’t leave me waiting speaks to my heart and soul right now. Your lyrics have always and continue to be incredibly beautiful ❤️ Keep doing what you love man ☺️
Tracy Nelson
Was great to hear this 'live' for the first time on Saturday in Manchester. You always put on an enjoyable show.
Clicked to see Newton gallivanting through a forest... ✔

... not disappointed
My drum teacher is the drummer on this track!
Yvonne Davey
Newton is such a great person, I met him and got a huge hug on my 60th birthday, and he has replied to 2 of my tweets. Now I sound like a stalker lol
John Haynes
Just love this music, keep on keeping on :)
Newton, you really are like a fine wine brother, this song rocks and your vocals are just awesome, better than ever!
Hello, I love you, come to the US. That's all. :)
Colin Keenan
Tip notch as always love big newton!!
J rkt
sooo good.
Amazing track Newton
b b s
Oh Papi! ❤
Yet another amazing track, great video to go with it too!! Well played Mr Faulkner, can't wait to see you in Glasgow!! 😉
Becki Turtill
Love it! New favourite! ❤️
Coming to see him in Copenhagen. I can't wait!
Ant O
Never heard of him before, but just heard him sing this live with acoustic guitar on the Jeremy Vine Show. Really great song live.
Charlotte G.
2:02 just sounds perfect ♡
Vince Thomas
Always knew he is a class act and this proves it
Olivia Robin
Love love love love everything you do! Can't wait to see you in Munich!