Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House

Music video by Siouxsie And The Banshees performing Happy House. (C) 2014 UMC

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Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House Смотреть онлайн
Isadora Obsidian
My mom saw them when she was pregnant with me at lollapalooza '91. All her punk friends made a circle around her so she could dance in the pit without anyone bumping into her belly.
Finlay Carney
house of balloons gang where u at
Heather Birnie
Excellent. I saw them once but after the gig we were chased through the streets of London by skinheads...ah those were the days.
Suzey Non Theist
Where have artists like this gone? Are they not being born any more? Any one else want the Simon Cowell factory to close?
Jw Nj
Tim Burton's daily dreams.
Roland Baldwin
She's perfect.
her dancing is wonderfully weird, i love it <3
My mother loves this video. whenever she sees it, she's quick to fill me in how she used to look just like Siouxsie in this video in particular when she was a young punk.. fantastic song and album.
Alexander Shulga
This is the happy house, we're happy here in the happy house
Oh, it's such fun, fun, fun
We've come to play in the happy house
And waste a day in the happy house, it never rains, never rains

We've come to scream in the happy house
We're in a dream in the happy house
We're all quite sane, sane, sane
This is the happy house-we're happy here

There's room for you if you say "I do"
But don't say no or you'll have to go
We've done no wrong with our blinkers on
It's safe and calm if you sing along, sing along, sing along

This is the happy house, we're happy here in the happy house
To forget ourselves and pretend all's well
There is no hell
Milly Softley
I'll never forget the night me and my dad sat up all night listening to siouxsie and the banshees together :)
Cat Law
Dare to be rare Siouxsie. What a stylish unique individual. What a voice! She influenced those of us who were a decade younger than her in the best possible way.
Chris A.
McGeoch''s guitar on this is wonderful. Definitely paved the way for the 'scratchy' guitar sound that filtered through after this. RIP John. Great stuff.
Thisthat XOTWOD
Bring the 707 out!
Yer Nan
If it hurts to breathe, open a window
fuzzy punk
drinking beer alone in the dark.. this is a happy house..
The XO Crew
House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls!
lea rodriguez
this is so dark culty creepy wierd strange lol...
Salim Shady
House of Balloons!
Johnny Fingers
That off-beat snare/hi-hat, blimey if a drum beat ever made a song, apart from the lyrics, melody guitar and bass off course, but that off-beat just....
Ian Whiffen
Saw them so many times live in the eighties, even when Robert Smith of The Cure was standing in as guitarist. I always remember the Souxsie clones that used to walk around at the time.☺