The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Music video by The Runaways performing Cherry Bomb. © 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb Смотреть онлайн
Aundrea Reck
OMG FINALLY A HQ VERSION IM DECEASED. Please, please upload concerts from the first tours before Japan and any lost footage.
Jeremy Smetana
Uh-oh... here it comes... Yep. There's that crush on Lita Ford again. Just like when I was a little kid.
Red Hellfire
Holy shit how does this exist?! In such great quality!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Aaron Romero
Somehow this still seems more risque than anything now days. I think perhaps it's just I'm old fashioned
The Bexley Brothers YouTube Channel
Please, more of "Runaways" on VEVO !!!!
Anno Domini
I've become so obsessed with this band recently I've even dreamt about them a couple of times. One of them had Cherie Currie sitting behind me, I turned around and she stared right into my eyes, with a stern look on her face, tearing what looked like a piece of paper in half. Maybe I wrote her a love letter and she wasn't impressed. 😁
Marcos Magalhães
I've never seen this video in such quality. Thank you VEVO!
Jade Pixie
Finally the Runaways have their own VEVO channel!!!
Wait a minute doc! Are you telling me you built a time machine? Out of the Runaways? The quality of this video is so good its spooky. I looooove it! Keep them coming!!
Matt DOE
Love this girls damn lita and jon still are hot
she's great and the song is great and thank you to guardians of the galaxy for introducing me to this song!
julie - anne weller
I wasa 15 runaway valley grrrl listening to cherry bomb the RUNNAWAYS in 1975 SANDY WEST drummer extroidinaire 10/7/1959 /21/10/2006 you are sadly missed SISTER YOU ARE THE BEST DRUMMER I even have your drumming style you kept the beat you were in time to the bass guitar 🎸 I feel you inside my heart 💓 we will never part I know you are here with all the other souls YOU ROCK SANDY WEST
I’m so glad The Runaways are on VEVO! About time I say ;)
Highline Guitars
Awesome video quality! I can even read "Fender Precision Bass."
John Hobson
I would be their groupie.
Aaron W
Lita rips off a smoking solo and the camera pans in on Joan playing rhythm. No respect.
John Doe
Not a cherry on that stage!
Trying to learn this on guitar. But it's a bit awkward for a guy to sing along I have to admit.
Musik Geek
And this video shows how rocker girls are way much hotter than rocker guys.
matteo barsanti
I can’t believe there is a VEVO channel, already loving it; please upload some lost footage of the first live concerts they made, when micki was still part of them, that would be awesome!