Deante' Hitchcock - Changed For You (Audio) ft. Childish Major

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Deante' Hitchcock - Changed For You (Audio) ft. Childish Major Смотреть онлайн
he deserves way much more recognition
sad i havent found you sooner. every track good af from you <3
Phillip Seymore
Ran across you glad I did breath of fresh air
So proud of you and joe both big bro keep going
Leelee Duh
Astro Fleming
That's that Eminem sample 100. You the man
Adedeji Mujib
SpaceMan Serg
When I'm with you, time freeze like the clock stuck
Didn't even really think about, or even wanna settle down, then you popped up
Shawty, you doin' good, but I still be prayin' your life get better
Whether I'm in it or not, but you know this bond ain't the type to sever
So when they ask, just let them niggas know you good
And I ain't gotta be explainin it’s understood

🔥I felt that.
Hula Bayo
I don't even listen to rap and this took me awayyyyy
erica kesler
Finally a artist who actually tells stories! He’s up there with Don Trip Starlito. I’m in Atlanta & you got a new fan ❤️
Hula Bayo
Dam I just found out aabout this intelligent and talented artist😫😫
Esmeralda Garcia
Astro Fleming
They slighty sampled Eminem Encore