Johnny Orlando - Sleep (Official Dance Video)

I want to see your dance videos to Sleep! Tweet them to me using the hashtag #SleepDanceVideo and I might just add them to the official playlist!

Big thank you to Maddie, Mackenzie, Charlize and Abbi for being apart of this video and teaching me how to dance!!

Listen to new single “Sleep” at the following:






Johnny Orlando - Sleep (Official Dance Video) Смотреть онлайн
Johnny Orlando
I forgot to turn the comments on sorry guys😂❤️
it's_Dylan 145
Finally a video w Maddie and Kenzie
Rxby Wxrld
I like how johnny kind of like, controls their dance moves and he is the center of the dance. PERFECT! Nice dance!
Tiny 007
omg Kenzie is in it!! you should make a video of Kenzie teaching you how to dance! anyways #jenzieisrising
julie Sandoval
Mackenzie and maddie were there dancing
Khoshi A.
#Jenzie still ship!!

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edit 2:how did this get 930 likessss?!?!?!#Jenzie

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broken jenzie heart
Did anyone else notice he was wearing kenzie's merch at the end of the video.......
Thla-i Ralte
The song is perfect
The vocals are perfect
The MV is perfect
The visuals are perfect
Now the choreograph is Perfect!

Thanks Johnny 💜
Sgiel L.
Maddie and Kenzie are one of the dancers💜💙
Aya Yousef
Omg Kenzie ahhhh JENZIE FOR LIFE SIS
Nadeen Ghannam
McKenzie ziegler is perfect so is johnny
I wonder if Jenzie is coming back? #jenzie4life
Kenz is in it❤️
Andy Chen
0:32 is Johnny wearing Kenzie’s hoodie / merch ??!
Ni Sh
I love how johnny danced too but always with the zieglers row love ya #jenzie ❤🖤😂👋
Zaira Hernandez
Jenzieeee💓 my heart is melting💕💕
Midnight_ Stxr
yo im like so happy kenzie is there FINALLY !!
Alexa Pineda
Jenzie💕🥰 he is so good at dancing
Ananya Mitra
omg I think john's wearing kenzie's merch!!!
Ananya Verma
Kenzie is just another level dancer!she is just so perfect at it.😇😇🔥🔥🔥