Maxo - Time

Director - Devlin Claro Resetar

DP - Godfred Sedano

Production design - Aniza Iñiguez

Producers- Noni Limar and Terell Drayton

Music video by Maxo performing Time. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Len Porter
I hope Maxo gets the recognition he deserves this year
the camera work and music so beautiful. definitely underrated. unfortunately music like this is under looked
Tha Artist
I just want to let yall know that this is the best thing that i saw today.
tf delta
Maxo is really for the people. All the knowledge he throws at the common man.
Tetsuwan Zom
Damn I'm glad I stumbled on this
summer knights47
Beautiful production, such a smooth track bro stay smiling g
I hear some Jcole and Earl Sweatshirt inspiration. Love it!
Errah Reflet
So beautiful! V happy I found this
spit that knowledge bro !
Julia Underwood
Feeling the song and the video is dope! I'm feeling the story behind it.
Need a full-length for this
Stay Quiet Films
One of the most beautiful visuals I've seen on YouTube in a long time
Young Sinatra Tonez
Why am I just finding him?
marc davis
Hell yes! This is great
We really bout to watch this man take off.
Devlin Claro Resetar
don't play urselves and remember to watch in 4k!
Yooooo Maxo on Def Jam?!
anyone remember the sample from this joint?.. it was used on a track in like 2000 and id love to try trace it back for nostalgias sake. additionally dope track, first ive heard of this guy but peepin more now
this is the most memorable song ill be listening to for life
black saint
so fire