Markus Schulz - Soul Seeking [Taken from 'Scream']

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Back in June 2010 one of the world's most inventive electronic music minds released the artist album odyssey that was 'Do You Dream?' Fan applause, cross-genre DJ support and dance press acclaim greeted one chart-scaling, master-blasting single after another.

From 'Do You Dream's day of release though, Markus Schulz had already begun imagining and conceiving the sound designs that would go to make up his next long-playing excursion.

Now, comprising a 19-track packed collection of ear catching, floor quenching, seismic audio, his 'Dream' is about to turn into a mighty 'Scream'!

"When you're in the studio, deep in production mode on an album, your mind's eye is forever picturing the reactions tracks, and moments in tracks, are going to generate", says Markus. So in many respects the title 'Scream' is also the album's mission statement. It's that response, that surge of feeling and emotion I want to come back up off the floor when one of its tracks goes on. When it happens, you know all the late hours in the studio, putting the pieces in place, have been worth it!"

With a single-minded quality-meets-quantity credo, Markus has made judicious use of known vocal talent and new singer/songwriter blood on the album. These include US-based sensations Jaren and Aruna, as well as Paper Aeroplanes front-woman Sarah Howells. Also front-and-centre are precocious newer talents, with the likes of Seri and new Schulz discovery-cum-protégée, Adina Butar joining 'Scream's vocal cast.

Giving the album a strong song-edged bias has resulted in one with productions that span EDM's spectrum.

For every daytime radio inciting number ('Until It's Gone', 'Love Rain Down On Me' and current single 'Caught' to tag but a few), there's also the more underground themes of tracks like 'Deep In The Night', 'Absolution' and the album's thrilling title track. During the final weeks of 'Scream's production Schulz commented: "one of the side-effects of producing instrumental long-players like my Dakota 'Thoughts Become Things' series is that you keenly feel how much you miss working with lyrics and vocals. 'Scream' will be my most vocal-oriented album yet and I believe that the singer-song-writing talent I've collaborated with, it will also make for my most accomplished".

'Scream' isn't exclusively about the vocal though. Building the consummate 360° electronic music album requires contrast and that comes firmly into focus with its heart-of-the-dancefloor seeking instrumentals. From the scene-setting beat-free overture of 'Our Moment' to the serrated synthery of floor-ammo like 'Triotronic', 'Soul Seeking' and 'Loops n Things' (with Ferry Corsten) it delivers a comprehensive, panoramic, day-or-night-time listening experience.

Through it Schulz has once again demonstrated that the production side of his mind is alive, kicking and quite literally screaming to be turned loose. And on August 31st that's exactly what will happen.

Planet EDM will never be quite the same again.

Markus Schulz - Soul Seeking [Taken from 'Scream'] Смотреть онлайн
Jose Murillo Jimenez
Whatever shit this but it is amazing
Aaron Kaylor
Markus never specifically labels his music any particular genre.... so for those saying "omg it's not trance!", listen to music as music and stop trying to put it into categories.
the original is much much better
Mrili ili
go listen to armin's remix of colours by emma hewitt
like zedd - spectrum (armin van buuren remix) ? please... noo actually armin sucks a lot remixing
would be amazing if Armin van Buuren has remix this track.
i love it one of my favorite tracks from scream!
Luis Eugenio
Can´t believe guys are calling this ´massive´... This is MEGAMIX 2012 track, with MEGAMIX lead synths...
Aleksandar Balac
To those calling this track not-trance. This track is more trance than Orjan, Armin, or any similar artists these days. To bad some of you don't hear it...
and u call it trance? bwahaha!
Tudor Kovacs
They are just retarded, Trance is alive in Markus MORE THAN EVER! They just don't know what "Trance" means. I'm really sorry for them.
Tudor Kovacs
"Trance dying" this made me laugh, you're really ... mate. ;)
Tudor Kovacs
gtfo, and never listen to trance again, you're not welcome here
Are you fucking kiddin me from mexico i am GERMAN !! -____- youre crap go out and die ;)
One of the best so far
Just waiting for 9 sep, in TJ Mexico!!!! :D
To all the hater of his album : Why the hell are you dislike a such amazing varied album? i'ts amazing what he's producing !
this, actually is a pretty banging track!
João Ferreira
First track from the album that i like, finally ! Come on markus, you can do much better :(