Mark Sixma - Adagio For Strings (Taken from 'A State of Trance at Ushuaïa, Ibiza 2014') [ASOT675]

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Armin van Buuren’s mix compilation 'A State Of Trance at Ushuaïa, Ibiza 2014' is OUT NOW!

Your Ibiza getaway begins in the plane, and this is no ordinary flight. From the moment you step on the aircraft, you can feel the energy rising — like one of Armin's intense buildups. With each passing minute, the passengers start buzzing more and more. You start seeing the other passengers not as annoyances on a cramped flight, but as fellow partiers just waiting for that first beat to drop.

As you swoop in for a landing, you see the Balearic island and all your troubles melt away. One of the most magical parts of Ushuaïa is that you can see flights taking off and touching down overhead while you party. Even while dancing, your mind welcomes each new group of people to the island, and you look at the plane as if to beckon them to join the greatest party on earth.

Armin van Buuren's sets have always been magical. His shows aren't just transitions from breakdown to drop — they're a progression. Lift off. Flight. Landing. Using tracks from Paul Oakenfold, Heatbeat, Simon Patterson, Aly & Fila, Gaia, Andrew Rayel, Cosmic Gate, and more, Armin is able to sculpt the crowds of Ibiza exactly how he wants.

This double-mix compilation is the definitive collection of the biggest tracks from Armin's sets this summer. The album also includes Armin's brand new track ‘Hystereo’, as well as his remix of Idina Menzel's 'Let It Go' from the Disney movie 'Frozen'. Armin has previously held residencies in Ibiza for many years and was long a mainstay of Privilege, Amnesia, Space, and the other super clubs on the island. Now he has his sights set on the moment’s hottest beach hotel and club, the world-famous Ushuaïa.

A State of Trance and Ibiza have belonged together since a young Armin first set foot on the island, and what could be better than the best DJ on earth, at the best beach hotel on earth, with the best crowd on earth? This is A State of Trance at Ushuaïa, Ibiza 2014.


CD 1

01 Armin van Buuren - Hystereo (Intro Mix)

02 David Gravell - Timebomb

03 Omnia - Tomorrow People

04 Mark Sixma - Adagio For Strings

05 Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Natalie Gioia - The Reason

06 Armin van Buuren feat. Laura Jansen - Sound Of The Drums (Bobina Remix)

07 Armin van Buuren feat. Lauren Evans - Alone (Thomas Newson Remix)

08 Paul Oakenfold - Toca Me

09 Faruk Sabanci - Alexandria

10 Heatbeat - Bloody Moon

11 Cosmic Gate & Ørjan Nilsen - Fair Game

12 KhoMha - Asylum

13 Andy Moor - Fade To Light (Joseph Areas 'Dirty Rock' Remix)

14 Andrew Rayel feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - One In A Million*

15 Mark Sixma - Shadow (W&W Edit)*

16 Alexander Popov - Eternal Flame

17 Yves de Lacroix feat. Marell - Destroyves

18 Heatbeat - Aerys*

19 Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere - Falling Back*

20 Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells - Dissolve

21 Armin van Buuren & Andrew Rayel - EIFORYA (Talla 2XLC 140 Remix)*

22 Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space *

*Armin van Buuren Mash Up

CD 2

01 Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix)

02 Andrew Bayer - The District

03 Dan Thompson - Propaganda

04 Maarten de Jong - Red And White

05 MaRLo and Fisherman & Hawkins - Forces

06 Jorn van Deynhoven - New Horizons (A State Of Trance 650 Anthem) (Mark Sixma Remix)

07 David Gravell - The Last Of Us

08 Arisen Flame - Explorer

09 Idina Menzel - Let It Go (Armin van Buuren Remix)

10 Andrew Rayel feat. Sylvia Tosun - There Are No Words

11 Ayu - Terminal (Dub Mix)

12 Markus Schulz - Remember This (Mark Sherry Remix)

13 Philippe El Sisi & Abstract Vision feat. Jilliana Danise - This Time (Wach Remix)

14 Mhammed El Alami & illitheas - Horizon

15 Aly & Fila with SkyPatrol feat. Sue McLaren - Running

16 John O'Callaghan feat. Jennifer Rene - Games (Ian Standerwick Remix)

17 Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah feat. Sylvia Tosun - Eye 2 Eye [FSOE 350 Anthem]

18 Sneijder & Bryan Kearney - Next Level

19 Gaia - Empire Of Hearts (Johann Stone Remix)

Mark Sixma - Adagio For Strings (Taken from 'A State of Trance at Ushuaïa, Ibiza 2014') [ASOT675] Смотреть онлайн
Jeez Luiz!!!
I love how armin doesn't even mention tiesto's version of it!
Roberto Balza
interesting adagio,wooo job ,5/5 godly,AMAZING
Armin looks like the guy from The Purge lol
The beginning is the only good part where she goes "jump" or "drop" w.e. everything else we've heard before already.
The ones who don't know, the original song by tiesto, don't know the real electro music
Mai Cong
Cant beat Tiesto's version !!! Peace out
This is absolutely Awsome!!
mhm i like the version of tiesto more than this new edit, but it's okay
Onlyn armin yehaaa ♡ 1dj forever trance mix 2014 my broll trhank you muhc ok
Sandeep Venkataraj
it is originally mixed first by tiesto!
steve quinn
I've been a trance fan since the 90's, love it when an absolute classic gets a fresh remix that still stays true to the original.
Tiesto's version was overrated..paul oakenfold vocal edit mix was quite good..this one;s remaining true to the original track so all in all its a good remix better than tiesto atleast!!
John Pinto
Original above all then tiesto's mix
This was and is such a great track *
I need Merzo - Rev!
abraham tellez
Tiesto Armin,Tiesto
anass khalifi
Uplifiting Trance
A classic !
Dannia Villegas
It's good but I prefer Tiesto's version <3
Dinah Khairina
Wow , at first I thought it was Loki hahaha