ASOT 482: Orjan Nilsen - GO FAST!

Armada Music
Played on ASOT 482 by Armin van Buuren!

ASOT 482: Orjan Nilsen - GO FAST! Смотреть онлайн
Leiden Contreras
i love is track so much
Halldor Hafberg
This song is one of my favorite work fron Orjan Nilsen, I've just uploaded a remix of this track by myself, Hafberg Remix! Check it out Armada Fans!!
regina aurora von lux
Armin, i love u
@POLAofficiel this is the first comment about why people dislike this that I like :P
<3 !!
Jesus Christ
4 people don't deserve ears
I love this track You love this track She loves this track We love this track You love this track They love this track .... 3 people doesn't love this track :(
Atif Brohi
Amazing Orjan Hats Off:)
amazing track :)
AvD DJ-Producer
@funkyguyxxx I think everyone can create as they want... maybe it souds wrong to u because is not your style or is not your like... I don't know...
i keep thinking that between the rays and this song are the same....
justyna szytel
@lucidmediatv Second page of the CD Cover: "Don't be a prisoner of your own style."
Lucid Media
@GabrielTranceSanchez What did he say?
@onagoodday627 Remember what Armin said in his Mirage CD? :)
@mstrunknown Yeah I can hear some renegade in here, but his new songs between the rays I think goes back to his trance roots
guess im one of the few who doesnt like this track...the choice of chords/notes just sounds wrong to me...
@djfadesis armin loves the track too..
Alexis Miller
@onagoodday627 I absolutely HATE when people talk shit about DJ's producing stuff a little outside of their norm, that what makes them amazingggg!! If it was the same sound over and over and over again, who the hell would keep listening?!