CD2.12 Bjorn Akesson - Painting Pyramids

Armada Music
An understanding. A shared vision. A quality brand in music. Ask any trance fan of their favourite labels and Future Sound of Egypt will surely be one of them. Owned and managed by Egyptian duo Aly & Fila, known for their characteristic trance sound, the label was conceived with all the right reasons. Not only to give new talent a chance to prove themselves, but also to build and strengthen the trance scene and share their love for the genre. Two years after its founding, Aly & Fila are proud to present the first compilation based on their very own label: Future Sound of Egypt.

Aly & Fila, known for their successes 'Eye of Horus', 'Lost Language', 'Listening' and 'My Mind Is With You', have just released their debut album 'Rising Sun' and delivered a slew of outstanding remixes, for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah and Lange. There's no doubt that the magical Egyptian touch of Aly & Fila has made them one of the most requested duo's within trance music, in producing, remixing and dj'ing alike. But there's another role they successfully play and that's the one of label owner. Keeping the Future Sound of Egypt fire going for more than 2 years and becoming part of the Armada Music family in 2010, has seen them discover and help build the careers of upcoming talents such as Vast Vision, Neptune Project, Arctic Moon, Bjorn Akesson, Philippe El Sisi, Mark Andrez, and many more.

Aly & Fila, label owners, producers and DJ's in one duo, have taken their Egyptian mission to a global level. After countless successful gigs all across the planet, they mixed the very first edition of their new compilation series 'Future Sound Of Egypt'. Get ready for a journey into the Future Sound of Egypt - an unforgettable ride of quality trance.

CD2.12 Bjorn Akesson - Painting Pyramids Смотреть онлайн
George Samkharauli
Future Sound of Egypt/ Painting Pyramids
Aly & fila dropped this track at ASOT 500 Sydney, i immediately fell in love with this song.
@bjornakesson I'll take a look for it, thank you!
Great song, but as a warning to all those who are going to buy it from Amazon MP3, the first 3 minutes of the song are a different song and then the actual song gets cut off about half way through... Go figure.
Tom Jennings
This has got to go down in history as one of the greatest trance tracks ever made. Truly amazing.
Stringer Bell
I'd love to be at the next party Aly & Fila will be hosting in Cairo. Imagine the atmosphere with the peoples new found freedom.
Amr ibrahim
i love egypt
oh my gooood!!!!!!!
UASD12`s dedicated for all the people in egypt... ...for hope... listened yesterday at ASOT 494
Ivan FMG-Pr
@kjemper i have looked for and ... i didn't found it in 483 asot .... T_T
Ivan FMG-Pr
Brian Murphy
tune of the week asot 494
Olla Att
Oh my god :S
holy mother of egyptian melodies !!!! this intense stuff right here !
@AhmedAdel2852009 --I swear it was on youtube a while back! mustve been removed :(
somebody please share this track on youtube!! >,<
This Amazing Uplifting Track, Soon in my Trance2impacT 005 the Hard Uplifting episode, January.05 on TranceCrypt(.org), 21:00 CET - GMT - EST
Words don't do justice for this song..10/10!!!
k*ll the dj that deleted the upload that "itranceformer" made! now i have to search to find the same thing. wich i will. only matter of time.
Mmm .. :D This flute ... ! Amazing !