Nightstylers feat. Dan Brown - The More I See (Radio Edit)

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The Nightstylers feat. Dan Brown -- The More I See

When you've got a dream team of producers and a singer with a voice of gold, what else can you get than a masterpiece of music? The Nightstylers & Dan Brown give you 'The More I See'.

The Nightstylers is a new project, run by Andrew Galea, Marc JB and Patrick Ruane. You'll remember Andrew and Patrick as part of The Freestylers, and Marc JB under Bimbo Jones. All three of them are responsible for countless number one hits, and have remixed the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and many more. This time, they're in it together. Under the mighty wings of The Nightstylers, they kick in with 'The More I See'.

A warm, prog-house track that weaves right in, no matter what nocturnal adventure you're up to this time. 'The More I See' blends the beats of prog with electric shakedowns and energetic housy kicks. The vocals of Dan Brown cause a breaking point in 'The More I See', surprisingly tender and moving. An anthem for any time of night and day.


1.The More I See (Original Mix)

2.The More I See (Instrumental Mix) (The Arena Rumpa)

3.The More I See (Radio Edit)

4.The More I See (Instrumental Radio Edit)

Nightstylers feat. Dan Brown - The More I See (Radio Edit) Смотреть онлайн
@ShawnFarrell perfect!
Great tune! Awesome vocal! :) Fantastic! :)
Xeesh memon
Amazing tune craXxxxyyyyyyy
Kimunk Senang
vocals like sting...
Mohamed A. Monsef Abbas
yes the radio edition is much more better than the original ;)
Andrew Galea
Thanks to all the people supporting already love ya all Andrew, Patrick & Marc Nightstylers ;) x
whos the idiot who gave a dislike?
great song! i love it!
szilágyi szabolcs
naggyon jóóóó.............. --- Sent From armadamusic's AppRats (Facebook App)!
Mateusz Danilewski
@MrGadboa Just Amazing. =)
Michael Lepers
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Stanislous Figlarz
Very cool video clip, nice sound my friend look up for future songs :D
@MrGadboa agree