Armin van Buuren presents A State Of Trance - Best Of 2012

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What an amazing year for trance! Spreading across the globe and winning the hearts of more and more music lovers, trance has grown bigger than ever. A great time for the leading A State of Trance label of Armin van Buuren, home to some of the most promising talents in trance land. Based around the popular weekly radio show and massive events, A State of Trance now presents its yearly overview of musical highlights!

The 'Best of 2012' pack brings you 10 outstanding tunes, by the likes of Andrew Rayel, MaRLo, Ralphie B, The Blizzard, Alexander Popov, Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Protoculture, Jorn van Deynhoven and of course W&W's 'Invasion' ASOT550 anthem! Must-haves for the ASOT fan!


1. W&W - Invasion - ASOT 550 Anthem (Club Mix)

2. Andrew Rayel - Aeon Of Revenge (Original Mix)

3. Jorn van Deynhoven - Headliner (Original Mix)

4. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Protoculture - Waking Up The Stars (Original Mix)

5. MaRLo - Megalodon (Original Mix)

6. Ralphie B - Icarus (Original Mix)

7. The Blizzard - Piercing The Fog (Original Mix)

8. Alexander Popov - Attractive Force (Original Mix)

9. Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic - Kinetic (Original Mix)

10. Stoneface & Terminal - Green Velvet (Club Mix)

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aaawwwwwwwwesome beat
denny zasky
Сказать нечего,Армин поймал волну ....yepta! [►]♥v”^√~√v^√v’^~√v”♥
asot is win !!
Andrew Rayel for president :) W&W go home :P
Juan Chacon
It's is life =D LOVE TRANCE
alexander martinez mejia
esta de poca
Andrew Rayel - Aeon Of Revenge (Original Mix) x)
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3
W & W = <3 & <3
Rafael Paez
tracklist is awesome
first one is alright.. second one not so much.
mitik dumitru
the hottest songs this year good good good job guys!!!!
Aldo Henrycho
this tracklist is better than "Armind best of 2012" :)
Jóhanna María Gísladóttir
I really love the base in this song!!! ...but I would like it to sound more like MetallicA
Mi Amore Di Games
Alexander Popov - Attractive Force (Original Mix)
~ T R A N C E M I S S I O N ~ ! ! !
mark dekaj
The King Of Trance !!! Armin Van Buuren !!!!!
It's a darn sight better than dubstep all over the place...
walking up the star! one of my favorite song
Jorge Melendez
This is way up to the top, Awesone!!!