VEVO - Vevo Lyric Lines: Ep. 14 - Train

Train Lyrics Pick Up Girls? #VEVOLyricLines (Ep. 14)

This week I decided to skip the whole "dating" process and find a girl who'll head straight to the alter with me. So, naturally, I used lyrics from "Marry Me" by Train. Watch to see if I find a bride!

Romantically-challenged filmmaker Tommy Wooldridge can't get a girlfriend. But he's got an idea. He’s going to use lyrics from today's top artists as pick up lines, and document his musical pursuit of love for VEVO! Watch #VEVOLyricLines for his hilariously awkward attempts at wooing women!

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I'm waiting for the day one of these girls turns around and says "I have a girlfriend" :)

A large crowd of girls. I already saw his failure from a mile away. XD
Cecil Dsilva
He's awesome :)
enrico k
nothing can top your blink pick up lines :)
Dat Lucario
The first one lol..
Just walks up to random stranger.
Cecília Coelho
she's married hahahaha
Doxa Louka
shakiraaaa plzzz it's gonna be AMAZING... <3 LOVE YA
Ethan Mercredi
Jason Derulo would be amazing!
I can't stop laughing at this stuff xD 
John Parr
She's married
Afroza Khatun
Wow! I had the most difficult time attracting women before using Easy Girl System. Google it. I don't honestly want to brag. Ok perhaps a tiny bit but it's due to the fact that I could get any lady I would like now. Youll understand what I'm saying as soon as you've read what Easy Girl System does. Do a Google search for it.
shes married
Does anybody see "Eat Poop" at 2:35
Christine Chan
1:15 Hahaha "So let's do something!" "She's married." *awkward silence*
Andrew Bui
One of their boyfriends is gonna find you
Kim Joshua Rolan
marry me works hahahaha :D
Reygina Yenny
Itz Cammy
So he rely is getting married maybe haha it worked
Samantha Buttitta
Do a Million Lives by Jake Miller
John Lewis
0:32 she looks at the camera faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake