Lady Gaga - Born This Way (A Very Gaga Thanksgiving)

Lady Gaga performing Born This Way from A Very Gaga Thanksgiving on ABC. © 2011 Interscope

Lady Gaga - Born This Way (A Very Gaga Thanksgiving) Смотреть онлайн
Marco Cavicchioli
gaga rulez!!!!!
Robert Llobrera Jr.
The Countess performing Born This Way!!! 😂
The only woman who is beautiful even without eyebrow  :)
Coco Kween
She looks very "The Countess-y" here haha
leopold vif
non traditionally beautiful, this intelligent and powerful woman understands the realms of fashion, fetishism, fantasy, and beauty and their intersection far more than any other performer, and has transformed herself into simply the most intriguingly and impossibly beautiful woman
I wanna have dinner with gaga :'(
Britany Almaguer
She is amazing ❤️
I'm KatyCat ❤️
She's dancing in an evening gown and heels i love her
Mr Cloudies Best Friend
God she looks gorgeous in this series!
Ashton Trashcan
that dress is so sick!
Allan Manzanares
Prouder than ever. Thank you Gaga!
Fredrik Opseth
I love how the dress makes it look like her naked body is censored! BORN THIS WAY BABY!!
Eduardo De Vega
How tf can somebody have no eyebrows and look so damn good
I loooooove this song + I love Lady Gaga's style
omg her vocals tho 🎶😍
I think the whole show would have felt really festive and stunning if she did new acoustic versions of all the songs instead. I loved the show but she does live dance performances of them all the time. WOuld have been amazing to see a slow piano or jazz version of them.
Ethan Snyder
look how still the guitar players hands are in this video. they dont change notes at any point
Jessica M.
I love you Gaga. Thank you for reminding the world that not everyone is perfect and that there are people born different. 
Dima Nusha
this is my fave look of hers ❤