Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (VEVO Presents)

Lady Gaga performing ARTPOP live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

© 2013 Interscope

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Tyler Oakley
I live for 0:45 when Gaga is not here for your vodka soda on her art.
Best album of the year. took me a few weeks of listening.. but am totally hooked now. <3
Matt Gbl
2016 ,
For those who are touched by the lyrics of this song, you'd agree with me that this song should be a national anthem for contemporary artists.
1:21 Can't tell if she actually tripped or did that on purpose 0_o
Alex Mark
lady gaga is a masterpiece in music history. she created her own thing and i have full respect and love for her.
Clark Ramos
My favorite thing she's ever done when it comes to her fans is take that drink off the Koons. She's like a mom and all I can hear is, "bad, monster, no drinks on the artwork."
Jordan Matthew Lewis
something about this album is really cool and I just can't place my finger on it lol
I wanted to watch the whole performance, but i CAN'T stop going back to 0:44
Gabriel Belmonte
Even Illuminati is confused about Lady Gaga's dressup sense ...
Joey Convery
My favorite Lady Gaga performance. I am 52. this has a 70's/80's feel..Love it.
This video is my favourite thing that came out of the Artpop era because she clearly failed to make it to the top of that structure by the end of the song as she was supposed to, and that makes it so much more real and honest for me than anything she has done in a long time.
Old Channel
How can some people not realize she needs to get to the stage?
that's how she got the role for the new season of american horror story
She looks like that guy in Big Hero 6. I love it
Caleb 16
Sia should wear this to cover its face and freely move in the stage instead of being just standing at a corner
Bárbara Mello
0:30 is this acid betty right there in pink??????????????
Ryan Dunlap
2:49 "back up, BACK UP!"...genius lyrics.
Ricardo Josue
This perfomance won a vevo award congrats!
Ewan Oxborrow
I thought really deeply about this performance, at the beginning Gaga and her fans are connected without any boundaries, there's no gap between her and the audience, then as the performance carries on, her security (Who in my eyes represent the corporate world) are trying to keep her away from the little monsters, and she's rebelling, then by the end she's returned to the main stage and again is re-united with the fans, In my eyes the performance was an unintentional depiction of Gaga's relationship with the fans, and her ability to have 100% control over her relationship with the fans, and her career...nobody can control her