Lady Gaga - Venus (VEVO Presents)

Lady Gaga performing Venus live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

© 2013 Interscope

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I'm not supposed to like Gaga,right...but fuck it,every songs she releases I love it.
i think people who call her ugly, flop, no talent, weird moves, sucks and stuff like this are just being close-minded. I guess they are very very very close-minded, they don't fucking understand her concept of art, they must be quite retarded. Don't they see that she is influences by david bowie, freddy mercury, new york city nightlife, bizarre perfomances, i guess people are so simple that they just understand ass,tits and nothing else.
Reece Langton
Lady Gaga is the goddess of music!
Steven. M
Is it just me or Lady Gaga sounds better in real life?
i really wonder if she was inspired by Sailor Moon
Mayra Pablo
She's crazy....But that's what I like...the girl can sing....Forsure
Gaga could easily have made a new mainstream pop song like poker face/just dance/bad romance and top the charts again. Imagine if she did everything "normal" as most mainstream stuff are. But she's apparently very fond of her "creative side" and wants to try out new things. Look at Katy's Roar, it's such a hit because it's so simple, primitive, plain and straightforward and aims for everyone. ArtPop isn't for the big masses.
Kelsie Slagle
I'm pretty much obsessed with this song. I love how hard they all work to pull it together. Amazing dancers.
David Morris
don't know why but i'm now, 3 years after the release developing an addiction for this album 😄 back then i didn't even care to check it out haha
Julio Nishimura
Rackk City
Nicole Bertillo
I like gaga's vocals I always cry when I hear her voice
It reminds me of Sailor Moon when she says the planet names:P
Petar Traykov
The first albums of Gaga were made for the mainstream audience, ARTPOP is aiming the true fans who understand her ARTISTIC being. Every single song from the album is awesome.
Nolan Smith
Lady Genius :)
the album itself is ok the last album was alot better
just because she made her album less mainstream doesn't mean it's a flop. I don't care about sales, I'm happy that she made a new record and listen to it daily. Music isn't a competition in sales for Gaga, unless like other female artists in the business atm.
Ajda Gucek
Wow!!! This voice is so so amazing! OMG....
Sam Sproul
one of your best performances!
Lady Gaga is beyond being excellent singing live in concert and she has the ability to make the public follows her like if she was indeed Venus, Goddess of Love. I am a big fan of Madonna but I think Lady Gaga is more powerful in her personal presentations.